Guruvayur Temple Vip Special Darshan Online Booking

Guruvayur Temple Vip Special Darshan Online Booking, Guruvayur Temple Entry Rules, Vip Darshan Recommendation, and Timings Here.

We will start by providing facts about the Guruvayur temple. As a result, it is a revered and well-known temple in the nation. The Hindu Guruvayur Temple was built in the fourteenth century. Lord Vishnu is the subject of this temple.

Kerala is home to this temple. This temple welcomes visitors from all over the world. At the time of Covid, This temple was also closed just like other temples. There is also an official link accessible to avoid congestion on the temple campus. All followers can schedule a time and purchase a ticket for a temple visit.

VIP Darshan Online Booking for Guruvayur Temple:

  • VIP Darshan in the Guruvayur Temple does not require any special fees. VIP visitors to the temple may inquire about the information at the office there. For the VIP Darshan at the Guruvayur temple, internet reservations are not possible. The VIP Darshan Recommendation letter is a tool that pilgrims can use to simplify their access to the darshan.
  • From early in the morning at 9 AM till late in the afternoon at 3 PM, the Guruvayur Temple is open for VIP Darshan. When a VIP is present, the Darshan period may occasionally be prolonged till the temple’s closing.
  • Visitors with VIP status are welcome to visit the temple and speak with the temple staff. The temple office will set up the Darshan in accordance with the VIPs.

Online reservations of Guruvayur Temple darshan:

  • Grant Lord Guruvayoorappa access. Only 600 people can be accommodated per day using online bookings that are made in advance. Visitation is available from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. On Tuesday, worshippers can resume visiting the Guruvayoor after a gap of two and a half months. Through the use of the Virtual Queue system, devotees can see the Lord. The decision was made following the disclosure of the Covid Lock Down concession.
  • Through the Guruvayur Devaswam website, you can schedule a free online darshan. A token email that records the time and date allotted will be sent to bookers.
  • you can register for Pooja and book free tickets for darshan at the Guruvayur Temple.
  • You must take the necessary precautions when visiting because, as we all know, there are more COVID instances than ever before in the nation. Every citizen should develop the habits of hand sanitization, wearing masks, and social distancing. Only then can we stop the disease from spreading over this area.

Click here to Book Guruvayur Temple VIP Darshan Tickets OnlineĀ 

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Guruvayur Temple Vip Special Darshan Online Booking

  1. You must go to the temple’s official website to Book or Confirm the Special Darshan Tickets online
  2. On the home page, select the Register option.
  3. A new page will now open for you to enter all the information.
  4. Add your photo first. (Photo should be in JPG format and have a maximum file size of 1 MB.
  5. Type your first and last names here.
  6. Enter your mobile number, gender, and birthdate.
  7. put “address” and “landmark” in
  8. Choose your state, city, nation, and zip code.
  9. Choose Id Proof
  10. the email address.
  11. make a password
  12. Verify password
  13. Fill out the captcha and agree to the terms.
  14. Select the next button.

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