Guruvayur Temple Current Darshan Live Crowd Status Today

See below for Guruvayur Temple Current Darshan Live Crowd Status Today, Guruvayurappa Sri Krishna Temple Current Darshan Crowd Status here.

This temple attracts a considerable crowd throughout the year. The devasthan workers and the Kerala police have created a fantastic queueing system. Krishna’s idol is claimed to have been placed in Guruvayur temples by Lord Guru (teacher) and Lord Vayu (Air). This temple is as important as Mathura or Dwaraka.

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Guruvayur Temple Current Darshan Live Crowd Status Today

  • Today, Guruvayur Temple is open to the public.
  • It is determined by the day and hour of your visit.
  • Always plan on spending at least 1.5-2 hours in line. In Guruvayur Temple, this is customary.

Queue management at Guruvayur Temple:

Every day, between 40,000 and 60,000 pilgrims visit Guruvayur. Naturally, there are many people. In addition, unlike some other popular temples, the temple is not open 24 hours a day. The temple has an extremely strict opening and closing times, and admittance to the temple is forbidden on certain puja occasions, resulting in a large backlog.

The general queue management, on the other hand, is great.

  • All temple entrances are done through East Nada/East Gate. There are two options for getting here.
  • The main que complex is used to gain access to the Nalambalam (inner courtyard), which houses the Sreekovil (Garbhagriha/Sanctum Sanatorium). Mukhakavadam was used to enter this (Main Gate).
  • On the right side of Mukhakavadam, there is a second gate. You can use this gate if you do not wish to enter the inner courtyard but rather pray from the outer courtyard, if you need to collect pooja receipts or do supplementary poojas such as Thulabharam/ Shayanapradhikshanam/ Pada Prathikshanam, or if you need to meet the Temple Manager or deputies.
  • You can also use this gate to access special lineups such as those for Handicapped Pilgrims, Senior Citizens, Protocoled Pilgrims, VIPs, and so on.
  • West Nada/West Gate serves the same purpose as the second gate in East Nada, but it does not allow you to enter the inner courtyard/Nalambalam in general.
  • The main que complex is well-organized. It is divided into ten passenger column lines, each of which may accommodate up to 50-60 pilgrims.
  • The column line is opened in numerical order, so number 1 will be opened first, followed by number 2, and so on until all pilgrims in that line have entered. Before entering the column lines, there will be a security check.
  • To avoid crowds, arrive in the evening of a business day. We avoided early traffic, numerous ceremony-related pauses, the wedding crowd, and so on…. The darshan can be completed in 20 minutes; avoid weekends and Thursdays in general. Sabarimala Season (Nov, Dec, Jan).


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