Guruvayur Temple Timings Free Darshan Tickets Online Booking

See below for Guruvayur Temple Timings Free Darshan Tickets Online Booking, Guruvayur Temple Entry Tickets Online Booking details here.

Guruvayoor, also known as Gurupavanapuri, is a town in Kerala, India. Guruvayur Sree Vishnu Temple is the fourth largest temple in India. Guruvayur maybe 5.000 years old, according to folklore, yet there are no historical records to back this up. Vayu deva and Brhaspathi brought Lord Krishna’s constructed idol here to Guruvayur.

Guruvayur is a mash-up of their names “Guru” Brihaspati and Vayu deva.” Guruvayur Devaswom is a Hindu temple in the small village of Bhuloka Vaikuntam dedicated to Lord Guruvayurappan (Holy adobe of Vishnu on Earth)

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Guruvayur Temple Timings Free Darshan Tickets Online Booking

  • Darshan will be available from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Devotees will be allotted a darshan time upon online registration.
  • Those under the age of ten and above the age of 65 will be barred from joining the virtual queue. Only those who registered online will be admitted to Guruvayur.

Guruvayurappan Temple Free Darshan Online Booking:

  • Go to the Guruvayur Devaswom-Guruvayur Official Website to get started.
  • Enter your registered username and password in the login box on the home page of the temple.
  • Now you must enter the captcha code and press the “Login” button.
  • Select Free Darshan or Special Darshan from the top tab.
  • Your contact information must be provided. As keys, the day, slot time, and number of devotees must be specified.
  • All visitors must be between the ages of 10 and 65.
  • Pay the cost now by selecting Total Amount for Special Darshan. (There is no charge for the free darshan.)
  • After that, you must press the confirm button. As a result, you can book slots quickly and effortlessly.
  • Important Considerations When Visiting Guruvayoor Temple:
  • The temple is only accessible to Hindus.
  • The Guruvayoor Temple has a strict dress code that demands visitors to dress in traditional Indian attire. Men should dress in a Mundu/Dhoti/Visit with no shirts or vests, while women should dress in a saree or salwar kameez.
  • Wear your shoes outside of the temple and cover your head.
  • Darshan takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete. You can pay for a VIP darshan to escape the long lineups.
  • Within the temple, photography is not authorized. Cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not allowed on temple grounds.
  • The temple does not allow the wearing of leather.

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