Pillayarpatti Temple Open Close Darshan Timings Today

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Pillayarpatti Temple is a famous Ganesh or Ganapathi Temple in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Lord Ganapathi or Ganesha popularly Known as Pillayar Perumal and also Vinayagar Perumal. This temple is also popularly known as Pillayarpatti Vinayagar Temple. This Pillayarpatti Temple found in the small town of Pillayarpatti, which is inside the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu in India. In This Temple Lord Ganesha is the main deity. Tamil Nadu is the Place for much more temples for Lord Ganesha and Sri Murugan Perumal. This temple is thought that the Pandya monarchs constructed it sometime in the 04th  century after the common era.

Legend has it that Lord Ganesha first came to a local chieftain by the name of Kariya Siddhi Aandan in the shape of a young boy. This event is supposed to have occurred in the history of the Pillayarpatti Temple. A command was given to the chieftain to construct a shrine at the location where he had seen the kid. The chieftain did as he was instructed, and the temple was constructed in the same location where the youngster had first been seen.

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Pillayarpatti Temple Open Close Darshan Timings Today And History:

The Pandya rulers were responsible for the temple’s subsequent expansion and renovation. The exterior walls of the temple were covered with stunning sculptures, while the interior shrine was designed and built in the Dravidian architectural style. Karpaga Vinayagar is the name given to a representation of Lord Ganesha that has four arms; this form is often seen in Hindu temples. It is believed that the Pandya rulers were responsible for installing the idol, which is carved from a single piece of stone.

The hours of operation for the Pillayarpatti Temple are as follows: every day, the temple is open from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and again from 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The yearly festival of Vinayaka Chaturthi, which takes place in either August or September, is the time of year when the temple sees the most visitors. At this time of year, tens of thousands of worshippers make their way to the temple to present their supplications to Lord Ganesha and to ask for his blessings.

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Pillayarpatti Temple Open Close Darshan Timings Today And Festivals Details:

This temple is open for the devotees to have the darshan of Vinayaga Perumal for the 07 days in the week and all 365 days. The darshan hours or the Darshan Timings of the Pillayarpatti Temple are Morning 06 am to 01 pm, and 04 to 08:15 pm.

In addition, many visitors who come to Tamil Nadu make a pilgrimage to the shrine. Visitors are drawn to the temple in large part because to the beautiful sculptures and Dravidian architecture that decorate it. Because of its peaceful environment and picturesque surroundings, the temple is an excellent location for meditating and engaging in other forms of spiritual reflection.

In addition to Vinayaka Chaturthi, the Pillayarpatti Temple is also the site of celebrations for a number of other important festivals. The Kanda Shasti festival is one of the most significant festivals, and it is held for a total of six days between the months of October and November. This celebration honours Lord Murugan for his triumph over the demon Surapadman and is held annually. The celebration is attended by thousands upon thousands of devotees hailing from all around the state of Tamil Nadu.

Other festivals that are observed there include Navarathri, which is held for nine days during the months of September or October, and Skanda Shasti, which is held for six days during the months of November or December. During these celebrations, the temple is decked up in lights and flowers, and unique prayers and rites are carried out there.

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