How to perform Pradosha Pooja at home

How to perform Pradosha Pooja at home

Pradosha Pooja is mainly done at Lord Siva temples, but devotees who don’t have any Lord Siva temples nearby can perform pradosha pooja at home. The word Pradosham is a combination of two words Pra and Dosham. Pra means removal and dosham means Sins, pradosham means removal of sins.

Story of Pradosha Pooja:

As per Siva Puranam, gods and demons were churning Ksheera Sagara madhanam (ocean of milk) to extract Amrutham (nectar ) so that they can attain immortality. They were using the mantra hill and king of snakes Vasuki to churn the pala samudram. The first thing that was extracted was Halahala visham (poison). The poison was so deadly that the pungent fumes of it can cause destruction on a large scale. Then lord Siva collected every drop of Halahala visham and drank it to save the universe. Lord Siva kept the halahala visham on his neck, which resulted in the blue colored neck of lord Siva. Lord Siva drank halahala visham on the day of Pradosha.

Pradshams are classified into five types

  •   Nitya pradosham    –       Pradosham that happens daily
  •   Paksha pradosham –       Pradosham that comes in every 15 days on trayodasi of the month
  •   Masa Pradosham   –       Pradosham that comes on 2nd trayodashi of the month
  •   Varsha pradosham –       Pradosham that comes every year before the day of Mahasivaratri
  •   Yuga Pradosham    –       Pradosham that comes at the end of yugam or universe

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How to perform Pradosha Pooja vidhi:

  • One should do a head bath in the morning and do their usual pooja at home.
  • They should do fasting on this day.
  • In the evening, they should do a head bath again and do abhishekam for Lord Siva with panchamrutha and distribute it to devotees.
  • One should be chanting OM NAMO NEELAKANTAYA while doing pooja
  • Using Bilwa leaves on this day is considered as highly auspicious.

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