Tirumala to Papavinasanam bus Timings

Tirumala is one of the famous temples across India. This temple is located in Tirupati District, Andhra Pradesh. The pilgrims who visit Tirumala will definitely visit other holy places beside this place like Papavinashanam, Akasha Ganga, Gogarbham and some more. The Devotees have an uncertainty of Tirumala to Papavinasanam bus timings. Papavinasanam is famous for its waterfalls. Devotees will dip in this water to remove their sins that they did before. Devotees should be careful near the waterfall because it is a stony footpath. Let’s know about Tirumala to Papavinasanam bus Timings:

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About Papavinashanam Teertham:

Papavinasanam is the hilltop of Tirumala. It is about 5 kms from the Balaji temple. It is almost the last place that a person can visit by road in Tirumala There is a dam that is nearer to the bathing place in Papavinasam Theertham, the water from papavinasanam passes through 3 dams. The other two dams in Tirumala are the Akashganga, and the Gogarbham. The goddess Ganga is famous in Papavinasanam. All this water will be useful for Tirumala Temple and outskirts.

Ways to reach Papavinashanm Teertham from Tirumala:

People visit these places either by APSRTC bus or by a Taxi. The ticket for APSRTC bus is Rs. 25/- to Rs. 35/- for every person. APSRTC buses start at morning 5:30 AM every day and these buses are available for every 20 min of time. APSRTC buses are available at Kalyani Choultry which is nearer to CRO office. Temple buses also called Free buses are also available for this route but they may be visible very rarely. Preferred time to visit Papavinasanam is from 07:00 AM to 01:00 PM. It takes 1 hour of time to visit papavinasam Theertham. It is better to take your own vehicle by traveling through this place.

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