Importance & significance of Hanuman Jayanthi

Importance & Significance of Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanti is largely celebrated all over India and Nepal. This day denotes the birth of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanthi falls on the Purnima Tithi of Chaitra Masam. According to Puranas, Surya Deva is considered to be the Guru of Lord Hanuman. The Importance & Significance of Hanuman Jayanthi is explained in this article. 

Hanuman Jayanti significance:

Lord Hanuman is the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. Devotees believe that by offering prayers to Lord Hanuman on this special day, they will seek Lord Hanuman’s and Lord Rama’s blessings. There are countless tales that showcase Lord Hanuman’s devotion towards Lord Rama.

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Lord Hanuman was born to Anjani and King Kesari. Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya, Maruti, and Bajrangbali. As per Puranas, Lord Hanuman is the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is said to have mastered all four Vedas in his childhood itself. Lord Hanuman is worshipped to provide protection attain victory against evil.

Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy. Lord Hanuman is able to take any form at will, wield any weapon, move mountains effortlessly, travel through the air, and equals Garuda in the speed of flight.

Lord Hanuman was born on the Anjanadri hill. His mother Anjana was an apsara. She was born on the earth due to a curse. She gets free from this curse of giving birth to a son. Anjana performed intense prayers for 12 long years to Lord Siva to get a child. Pleased with their devotion, Lord Siva granted them a son.

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When Anjana was worshiping Lord Siva, the King of Ayodhya, Dasaratha was also performing the Putrakama yagna to have children. As a result, he received some sacred pudding (payasam) to be shared among his three wives, giving birth to Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna. By divine interference, a kite snatched a small part of that pudding and dropped it at Anjana. Vayu, the god of the wind, delivered the pudding to the hands of Anjana, who consumed it. As a result, Lord Hanuman was born to her.


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