Kanchipuram Sri Aadhi Varaha Temple Darshan Timings Today

See below for the Kanchipuram Sri Aadhi Varaha Temple Darshan Timings Today, Kanchipuram Aadhi Varaha Perumal Koyil Darshan Timings, and details Today 

One of the 108 Divyadesam located inside the Sri Kamakshi Amman temple at Big Kanchipuram is the Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple. One of the 108 Divyadesam located inside the Sri Kamakshi Amman temple at Big Kanchipuram is the Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple. It is situated on the right side of Ambaal’s Garbagraham (Moolavar sannadhi). Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal is the Moolaver in this Sthalam. Lord Vishnu is seen standing and looking toward the west. Anjilai Valli Naachiyar is the sthalam’s thayar. Found in the madam in the adjoining wall to Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal.

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Kanchipuram Sri Aadhi Varaha Temple Darshan Timings Today

While hiding behind a pillar, Emperumaan once heard Kamakshi and Sri Lakshmi chatting as they had a bath in Kama Koshtam. In order to punish him, Parvathi—who resembled “Kamakshi”—made him stand, sit, and then proceed to the Kidantha stage after realizing that Sriman Narayanan was observing them.

Because of this, he can be found in all three of the sevas on this koil’s north side of the pond, namely Nindra, Irundha, and Kidantha.

Parvathi gave him the name “Kalvan” because Sriman Narayanan observed them taking a bath without knowing who they were; this Divyadesam is known as “Thirukkalvanoor,” the One and Only Divyadesam among the 108 Divyadesam where the Almighty.

Kanchipuram Sri Aadhi Varaha Temple Darshan Timings Today

Temple of Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal

Every day of the week from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm (Morning)

15:30 to 20:00 (Evening, every day of the week)


The biggest holiday celebrated at the Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple during the months of December and January is vaikunta Ekadasi.

In Big Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, there is a 1600-year-old Vaishnava temple called Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple inside the Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple. One of the 108 Divya Desams—holy residences of Lord Vishnu—located in Kanchipuram is this Varaha Temple. It is one of the two Shaivite temples in Kanchipuram that have a Divyadesam. The Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, so the legend goes, has been around forever. The Sri Chakra was installed in this temple by Adi Shankaracharya in the known past; the dates range from 5th BCE to 8th CE.

Legend of the Sri Aadhivaraha Perumal Temple:

The Sthala Purana states that Sri Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi spoke about the crimes and good actions committed by people. Later, the focus shifted to attractiveness and character. Sri Lakshmi has beautiful light skin and allegedly bestows much wealth upon those who see her darshan (holy vision). Sri Vishnu, who has dark skin, disapproved of her opinion. Beauty is in the head, he added with a smile. People just have an illusion of their external or physical appearance. He had a different viewpoint than Sri Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Devi was cursed by Sri Vishnu to become formless so that no one could appreciate her beauty after he became enraged. The Supreme Goddess begged him to free her from the curse while also pleading for her forgiveness. Sri Vishnu questioned her

Reach Via,

Via Air:

The Chennai International Airport, which is only 64.1 Km from the temple, is the closest airport.

Via Rail:

Kanchipuram Railway Station is the one that is located 1.1 Km away. From the train stations in Tirupati, Bengaluru, Chengalpattu, and Chennai Central, you can take a train to Kanchipuram.

Via Road

Roads in Kanchipuram are well-connected. Buses from Chennai, Selam, Tirupati, and Bengaluru arrive often. The Kanchipuram bus stop and the temple are both within easy walking distance. There are also private cars and autos available.

Address for Tirukkalvanoor Perumal Temple:

Temple of Sri Adhi Varaha Perumal,



631502 Tamil Nadu.


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