Mahalaya Pitru Paksha 2021 dates, Significance and Shradha Bookings

Mahalaya Pitru Paksha 2021 dates:

As per Sanathana Dharma, The Mahalaya Paksha or Pitru Paksha is a 15–day lunar period that comes over the month of Bhadrapada masa. During this period, Hindus show respect to their ancestors by offering food and water (tarpanam). In 2021, Pitru Paksha will begin on 20th September and end on 6th October. As per beliefs, by performing Tarpanam during Pitru Paksha, one can help their forefathers and ancestors to get rid of the cycle of rebirth. Mahalaya Amavasya is the end of Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha and the beginning of Devi Navaratri Utsavam. According to the Hindu calendar, in 2021 the Pitru Paksha will start at after from the full moon day (Shukla Paksha) of Bhadrapada Masam and will end on the Mahalaya CAmavasya, the last day of the Bhadrapada Masam. check Mahalaya Pitru Paksha 2021 dates below.

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The legend Story about Pitru Paksha:

According to the Mahabharatham, Karna died on the 17th day of the Mahabharatham war and went to heaven. Instead of food, he was offered jewels, gems, and diamonds. He got angry and went to Lord Indra to know the reason behind this. Lord Indra explained to him that he donated jewels, gems, and diamonds in charity and never offered food to his ancestors all his life. On hearing this, Karna felt bad and wanted to correct his mistake.

Lord Indra granted a 15-day period to Karna to visit the earth and offer tarpanam/shraddha to his ancestors.   After coming back to earth, he offered water and food to his dead ancestors. From that day onwards, that period is known as Pitru Paksha.

As per Bhagavd Geetha and Sanathana Dharma, the concept of life after death is true and it is strongly believed by Hindu followers. They perform shraddha every year for their dead ancestors. Tarpanam/Shraddha and Pinda Danam are organized every year for the departed souls of ancestors.

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Pitru Paksha 2021 start and end dates:

  Date Shradha Tithi, Nakshatram
  September 21 Pratipada Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Pratipada
  September 22 Dwitiya Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Dwitiya
  September 23 Tritiya Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Tritiya
  September 24 Chaturthi Shradha Ashwini,Krishna chaturthi
  September 25 Panchami Shradha Ashwini,Bharani Nakshatram
  September 26 Sashti Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Shashthi
  September 28 Saptami Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Saptami
  September 29 Ashtami Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Ashtami
  September 30 Navami Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Navami
  October 1 Dashami Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Dashami
  October 2 Ekadashi Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Ekadashi
  October 3 Dwadashi Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Dwadashi
  October 4 Trayodashi Shradha Magha Nakshatram
  October 5 Chaturdashi Shradha Ashwini,Krishna chaturdashi
  October 6 Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradha Ashwini,Krishna Amavasya

Sri Paitruka Suladi Kannada – Sri Vijaya Dasaru Virachitham

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