Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Marriage Booking Timings Cost Procedure

See below for Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Marriage Booking Timings Cost Procedure, History, Timings, Ticket Price, And Registration Here.

The Siruvapuri Murugan Temple is a famous temple and well-known Hindu Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Tamil Nadu. This Temple is Located in the small town of Siruvapuri.  This Murugan Temple is very famous in that area and also, devotees from all over Tamil Nadu the temple in huge crowd on Adi Kruthika or Adi Krithika Day. This temple is dedicated to Subrahmanya Swamy who in Tamil Nadu is popularly known as Lord Murugan. This temple has a very old history and spiritual significance. This temple was constructed in Tamil Dravidian style and the architecture is really very great design. Let’s see the Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Marriage Booking Timings Cost Procedure below.

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Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Marriage Booking Timings Cost Procedure and History: 

In History, Tamil Nadu was the place for The Chola kingdom. The great Kings, Emperors of the Chola Kingdom rules southern India from the 9th to the 13th centuries. As per the Records and Sthalapuranam, This Famous Siruvapuri Murugan Temple was built over Centuries. The actual History of the Temple is really Amazing and Great. One day, Lord Subrahmanya Swamy popularly known as Murugan came into the dream of one devotee in that local area and told him to construct a temple. To do construction, Lord Subrahmanya Swamy told the place for identification, where he found a Shiva Lingam, in a Theertham (Sacred Pond).

From that day Chola Kings, Emperors, and other kingdom kings, devotees from all over the Chola kingdom visit the temple for the darshan of Lord Murugan. Over the years, the temple has been renovated and enlarged several times by many Kings and Rulers. Recently, The temple was renovated in 2009 and the Temple Management took all the security and spiritual things while renovating. Now, The temple’s Gopuram and the Architecture design are painted with beautiful paintings and colors.

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Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Marriage Booking Timings Cost Procedure

  • The Siruvapuri Murugan Temple is the most people visit Lord Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu. Also, this temple is famous for weddings. Devotees who have been planning to do marriages in that temple can book the tickets.
  • Visit the Temple and Have the darshan. Also, Visit the Temple Administration office 3 Months before. The Temple office will be open and available for the devotees every day from 08 am to 08 pm.
  • Devotees Need to Book the Marriage Hall of the temple at least 3 months before to the date.
  • Devotees must fill out the registration form with Bride and Groom details with Family member’s details also.
  • Bride and Groom Must submit their identification details for the wedding service
  • In that application form, need to update the necessary information, such as your name, address, date of marriage, and contact information.
  • Also, need to attach a photo for identification.
  • After registration, the bride and groom’s family members visit the temple 3 days before marriage to confirm the registration again. Step 5: Make plans for your wedding
  • After you’ve confirmed your reservation, you can start making plans for your wedding.
  • Registration does not include food and electricity. The bride and Groom’s family members should have to pay extra charges for it.

The Siruvapuri Murugan Temple is a sacred and holy temple where there is a lot of spiritual and historical essence. The temple’s marriage booking service is a great choice and helps devotees. If you follow the steps above, it will be easy to book your wedding at the temple and have a beautiful, unique service.

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