Nara Drishti Nivarana Mantra in Telugu Most Powerful Remedies

See below for Nara Drishti Nivarana Mantra in Telugu Most Powerful Remedies, Nara Drishti Dosha Nivarana Powerful Chanting Mantram in Telugu Daily here.

We often hear that even a man’s eye can break a black stone. What does this really mean? There are organs in the body that give off both negative and positive energy. The eyes are the most important of these.¬†When they look at something, the negative energy that comes out of their eye falls on the other person, and that effect takes over them.

The looks are cold, just like the way some people think. That view is nice. X-rays can’t be seen with the naked eye. Also, electricity made by sight can’t be seen. But its results are visible. If you have nearsightedness, you can get rid of it by taking a bath once a week with rock salt in the water. There is no tiredness in the body. Laziness escapes. Even if it’s done on Tuesday, eyesight will go away if it’s not done on the day of birth.

Nara Drishti’s Symptoms:

  • If you always yawn before or during prayer, you might be affected by it.
  • Flashes of heat and cold
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Having no reason to feel sad
  • Not being sure of yourself for no reason.
  • When you are near someone with a strong negative aura, your blood pressure drops all of a sudden.
  • Body bruises without any injuries.
  • Feeling afraid for no reason.
  • Your face becomes a pale yellow color.

If you feel these signs too often and too strongly, and they get in the way of your success, you may be affected by Nara Drishti.

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Nara Drishti Nivarana Mantra in Telugu Most Powerful Remedies

  • If you go to the beach on Saturday and Sunday of Shuklapaksha, get some water from the ocean, and mix it with turmeric powder at home and work, you will lose your eyesight. Also, people who study spirituality say that bathing in seawater makes the body’s seven chakras stronger.
  • Pundits say that on the day of the Amavasya full moon, you should take a dishti to your house, cut a lemon near the door, and put it on both sides of the door. You should also make a dish with a pumpkin. This will get rid of the evil eye that has been cast on your house, and nothing bad will happen.
  • Use tenkaya, mannu, and salt in the same way. Chili and mustard can be used to take dishti to shops. Smash pumpkins and other gourds in front of homes and stores. This should be done every Saturday or on the day when the moon is new. Never let a woman crack a pumpkin. Men who aren’t married or who are married but don’t have children shouldn’t crack the pumpkin.
  • Some people think that putting a picture of Kanu dishti Ganesha near the front door of the house will get rid of any dishti.
  • Once a month, on Sunday or Thursday before 1 p.m., we feed the cow a boiled potato to get rid of the evil eye that has been cast on our family. But while we’re doing this, we shouldn’t eat meat at home. On the day of the full moon, if we smash a gourd or cut lemons in half and put them on both sides of the door, nothing bad will happen to our family.

Nara Drishti Dosha Nivarana Mantra Most Powerful Pooja

  • You can talk to good scholars and get a naragosha yantram, but you shouldn’t keep it at home until you’ve done the right pujas. If the right pujas aren’t done, it doesn’t matter if the yantram is kept at home or not. Putting a naragosha yantram in front of the door to your house can help you move forward in your development by keeping bugs out of your home.
  • Many front porches have grey pumpkins hanging from them.
  • We also see yellow-wrapped fresh grains hanging in front of the house, along with chilies, nails, cashews, and lemons.


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