Pithapuram Puruhutika Devi Temple Darshan Online Booking Shakti Peetam

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Pithikapuram was the previous name for Pithapuram. In the Ashtadasa Shakthi Peetas, it is the tenth Sakthi Peetha (Eighteen). Sathi Devi fled the area around Yaaga after being humiliated at this point. After the Dhaksha Yajna was destroyed, Lord Shiva carried Sathi Devi’s corpse around the universe on his shoulders. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu cuts the body of Sathidevi into 51 parts with his Sudharsana Chakram and the devil’s seta part was fallen down in the place of Pitapuram temple. Pithapuram is the name given to this location since it is Sathidevi’s seat (peetha). Here, Puruhoothudu (Indra) offered Sathidevi pujas. She is therefore known as Sri Puruhuthika Devi.

Sri Puruhuthika is holding a drum with her left hand, a metal rod in her right hand, a Madhiphala fruit in her lower left hand, and a golden dish in her lower left hand. She is positioned on Srichakra Peetha, where she satisfies the devotees’ needs and bestows health. In addition to being a Shaktipeeth, the Puruhutika Devi Temple in Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh, is one of the Ashta Dasha (Eighteen) Maha-Shaktipeeths. It is thought that this is where Mata Sati’s left hand is said to have fallen.

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Pithapuram Puruhutika Devi Temple Darshan Online Booking 

  • At present, there is no Online booking system available in the temple
  • Devotees who are looking to have the darshan on Sri Matha, have to take the darshan ticket from the temple’s ticket booking counter offline mode only.
  • Temple Opens from 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the Morning and 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM in the Evening.

Directions to the Puruhutika Devi Temple

  • About 65 miles from the temple, Rajamundry is the closest railway station.
  • Rajahmundry Airport is the closest airport to the temple.
  • Phone: +08869-252477 | Email: eopadagaya@gmail.com
  • Pitapuram Devasthanam Pithapuram-533450 East Godavari District

Deities in the Pithapuram Temple of visitation:

  • Ayyapa Temple
  • Kasi Visweswara Swamy
  • Annapurnadevi
  • Navagrahas,
  • Subrahmanyeswara Swamy,
  • Subramanya Swamy, and Muruga are among the eleven
  • Chandiswarudu
  • Kanaka Durga
  • Kukkuteswara Swamy
  • Puruhuthika Devi
  • Raja Rajeswari Devi
  • Kala Bhairavudu
  • Gayasura Padhas,
  • Vishnu Padhas
  • Adi Shankaracharya,
  • Lord Ganesh,
  • Lord Dattatreya,
  • Lord Datta Mandir


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