Puri Jagannath Temple Car parking Guide

Know the details about Puri Jagannath Temple Car parking Guide, Parking area near Puri Temple, Where to Park Vehicles, and More. 

According to the traffic management plan, no car would be permitted beyond the market square towards the Jagannath temple, and no vehicle parking would be permitted between the hospital square and Badasankha.

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All light cars and two-wheelers will be permitted to go to Puri from Bhubaneswar on NH-203 and may park in designated areas in and around Puri Town. The new Malatipatpur bus terminal will house all incoming tourist buses to Puri along the Puri-Bhubaneswar NH 203. Light and medium-sized automobiles would be permitted to park at the Talabania temporary bus stop. Vehicles traveling for Brahmagiri through NH would be permitted to pass through Jatiababaji chhak and Harijan Sahi. A two-wheeler parking facility could be built near the local police station along the Bada Danda.

All buses arriving in Puri, including regular route playing buses, inter-state buses, tourist buses, contract carriages, and stage carriages, will be diverted to the new bus terminal in Malatipatpur and will not be allowed to proceed to Puri. The bus station will contain 700 bus parking spaces, 65 bathrooms, and six restaurants. Orissa State Road Transport Corporation would be in charge of it. This Bus Terminus will include waiting areas, restrooms, restaurants, a computer ticket counter, a commercial complex, and other amenities. To assist transit, the new bus terminal is constructed near the Malatipatapur Station. During the Nabakalebara festival in July, the state government has decided to provide free transportation from the newly constructed bus terminus in Malatipatpur to Puri.

Puri has 35 parking lots identified. Infrastructure construction at these parking lots is now underway. The administration has been directed to turn over the locations to the police department after the infrastructure development work is completed by the end of May. Puri’s main parking lots are listed below.

  • Mutt of Jagannath Ballabh
  • Talabania Puri Zilla Public School
  • Digabareni Square, SCS College
  • Square of Gadadhar High School
  • Yatrika Niwas BNR Hotel in front of the Baselisahi Police Station
  • Ashok Neelachal
  • Samanga
  • Ayurveda University
  • Indoor Stadium of Baliguali Samaghar
  • Square Matitota Bhudan
  • Helipad
  • Masanichandi Square


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