Puri Jagannath Temple Idols Story

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Puri Jagannath Temple Idols Story

Puri Jagannath Temple is one of the sacred places in India. The deep history associated with the temple makes it draw huge crowds throughout the year. Puri Jagannath temple is different from other Lord Vishnu or Krishna Temples. Here the deities have big eyes and square shape heads with an extended body without a neck, ears, and limbs.

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The temple’s history starts from Satyayug where once lived a king by the name “Indradyumna”. Being an avid devotee of Lord Vishnu, he wanted to build a temple for the lord without knowing where to start or even about the selection of materials. So, he turned to Lord Brahma for advice but Lord Brahma appeared and told him to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu first.

One day, Lord Vishnu appeared in his dream and advised him to find a log of neem wood. Then the king got an idea of the type of material to use for the idols. Then he hired several sculptors but no one would do the job perfectly as they kept on breaking their equipment while cutting the neem wood. As the king sat in disappointment that he wouldn’t be able to build the temple, the architect of Gods, Lord Vishwakarma who went by the name Ananta Maharana appeared before Indradyumna. He volunteered to make the idols on one condition that no one is allowed to see while he is working. One can only see after he is finished with the idols. After waiting for countless months and years, the king opened the doors and could not wait any longer. He found three unfinished idols of Lord Jagannath, Subadra, and Balbadhra with the sculptor nowhere near to find.

Worried about the unfinished idols, the king worshiped Lord Brahma on what to do about the idols. Lord Brahma told him that Lord Vishnu was pleased with the idols as they are beautiful.
Thus, Puri Jagannath temple was inaugurated with unfinished idols with extended bodies without necks, ears, and limbs.

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