Puri Jagannath Temple Sudarshan Chakra Story

Know the History of Puri Jagannath Temple Sudarshan Chakra Story, Puri Temple Mysterious Gopuram Chakra Story.

Sudarshan Chakra or Neela Chakra or Blue Wheel is located on top of Lord Jagannath. Lord Vishnu’s powerful weapon is Sudarshan Chakra. Lord Vishnu’s Wheel is also worshiped here but it is in the shape of a small wood pillar inside the temple. After the Snana Yatra, the three deities suffer from fever thus restricting the darshan hours during Anavasara. Hence Pilgrims see the Sudarshan Chakra and offer flags.

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Puri Jagannath Temple Sudarshan Chakra Story

Sudarshan Chakra was first constructed in the 16th Century by Bhoi King Ramachandra Deva. Since then, it has been repaired and reconstructed a few times due to the changes in weather causing severe damage to the Sudarshan Chakra. King Dibyasingha Deva reconstructed it in 1715. The Archeological Survey of India replaced the Blue wheel in 2010.

The blue wheel is made up of eight metals named Copper, Zinc, Brass, Silver, Gold, Mercury, Lead, and Iron. Sudarshan Chakra thickness is around 2 inches. It has two wheels – one outer wheel of 36 feet and an inner wheel of 26 feet. The weight of the Blue Wheel is around 2200 kilograms. The outer wheel has intrinsic carvings of Navagunjaras which face the Sudarshan Chakra Flag. Navagunjara means a creature formed with nine different animals and birds. Garuda sevakas are the people who are assigned to serve the Blue Wheel. Every day, they climb 214 feet high to replace the flags that are offered by the Pilgrims.

Contribution of Sudarshan Chakra:

Located on top of 214 feet of Lord Jagannath Temple, Sudarshan Chakra holds scientific importance in protecting the temple from thunder and lightning. There is a four-inch metal plate that is about 300 feet long and works as an earthing. This eight meta wheel is so strong to withhold thunderbolts without harming its structure.

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