Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda Thondapadu Location Cost

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The temple that is devoted to Lord Ranganatha Swamy may be found atop Swetha Giri, which is a hill (Swetha means pure, Giri means hill). Swetha Giri is the name given to this region by the locals due to the prominent hill’s stony nature, which gives the hill a characteristic white aspect.

The inhabitants of the region formerly referred to the hills as BolliKonda because they thought the white sections of rock resembled Bolli (the English name for vitiligo). On one of his travels to Earth, the legend goes, Lord Maha Vishnu stopped here on these hills to rest.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda Thondapadu Location Cost

The First Temples in the World Pennabadi At the time of the reign of the Vijayanagara kingdom, this location was known by the name Seema. The Pemmascan monarchs provided funding and assistance for the building of this temple. Another one of the Lord’s titles, Ranganayakulu, may also be used. The annual Car Festival is celebrated throughout the months of February and March (the exact dates change according to the Hindu calendar).

The hills that surround the Temple have been given the name Swetagiri due to the fact that they are said to be white in color. The locals also refer to the hills as BolliKonda, which they think is a reference to the skin disorder vitiligo because of the white patches of rock that can be found there. The principal object of devotion at the temple is a deity known as Ranganatha Swami.

During his journey to Earth, the legendary Lord Mahavishnu is claimed to have stopped here for a rest at this location. Sages, Saints, and Rushi’s who were aware of the situation ascended the hill in readiness to worship the Lord upon hearing that he had arrived there after hearing the news of his arrival.

As a direct consequence of their entreaties, the deity Vishnu did not move from his perch atop the mountain. It is now common knowledge that the idol disappeared under unexplained circumstances. After that, residents in the area started displaying the logo in the same location.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda Thondapadu Location Cost

  • During the time of the Vijayanagara empire, the Pemmasani dynasty was responsible for the construction of the area’s earliest temples, which came to be known as pennabadi structures.
  • Locals pay their respects to Ranganayakulu, who is revered as the deity of the area, during the months of February and March, when the Car Festival is held in full force.
  • The city of Khammam, which was home to the Taluk Government and was situated within the wider Warangal District, was one such place. Five taluks from the Warangal district—Khammam, Madhira, Yellandu, and Burgampadu (now Kothagudem)—were divided to establish the new district Khammam.
  • Khammam currently serves as the district headquarters for the new district. The Bhadrachalam Revenue Division, which encompassed the areas east of the Godavari River but still included within the East Godavari district, was amalgamated with the Nuguru Venkatapuram Taluks in 1958, and this resulted in the formation of the Khammam district.
  • In 1972, with the consolidation of Madhira and Kothagudem into a single administrative division (taluk), Sathupalli was selected as the new capital of the newly created taluk.
  • Until 1976, the Khammam district was a part of the larger Warangal District. Nevertheless, in that year, four new taluks were established, and they were named Tirumalayapalem, Sudimalla, and Aswaraopeta.

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