Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle Temple Timings

See below for Sri Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle Temple Timings, Darshan Timings, Seva details, Accommodation, and More. Also, You can check the History of Sri Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle Temple 

Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle Temple Timings

Sangameswara Swamy temple is one of the prominent Hindu temples in Kadapa. It is located in Animela, Veerapunayanipalle Mandle, Kadapa district, around 50 km from Kadapa city center. Here Lord is in the form of Linga. The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Sangameswara. This temple is very famous in around places, and Many devotees visit this temple from all over the state every day. There will be a huge crowd in this temple for darshan on Mondays and Kaarthika Masam (Telugu Month of Mid of Oct & Nov).

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Sri Sangameswara Swamy temple history:

The historic Sangameswara Swamy temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. The temple is located on the banks of the Papagni river, at the confluence of the Papagni and Mogamooru rivers. A large collection of tools, coins, pots, and other antiques belonging to the Sathavahana and Chola periods were unearthed near this temple.

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool was only open for 40-50 days. Boats are available from the shore to visit the temple. Government buses are available to reach Pagidyala and the nearest train station is Kurnool railway station.

The temple is adorned with beautiful sculptures of Siva, Anesha, Nataraja, Rama, Anjaneya, and many beautiful carvings from Hindu epics. The temple is of Vijaynagar culture and architecture, built in the 14th century.

Sri Sangameswara Swamy Temple Darshan Timings:

Devotees will be allowed to have a darshan of Lord Sangameshwara from 06 AM to 01 PM and 02 PM to 08 PM. The temple remains open on all days of the week.

How to reach Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle?

  1. Temple is 50 km from Kadapa Bus station.
  2. Proddatur is  34 km from the animela bus station.
  3. Veerpunayunipalle bus station connects with nearby places like vempalli, Proddatur, Kadapa
  4. From Tirupati, it is 3 hours 30 mins drive. Temple is located at a distance of 190 km.


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