Jambukeswarar Temple Benefits History Darshan Timings

See below for the Jambukeswarar Temple Benefits History Darshan Timings, Jambukeswarar Panchabhuta Thalam Temple Darshan Timings, Benefits, And History Here.

Jambukeswarar temple is one of the most famous temples in the Tamil Nadu state. This temple is the symbol for one of the Pancha Bhootha linga kshetram. This Temple represents one of the 05 elements of the universe Panchabhuta Thalam. This beautiful temple was built by The Cholas. This is a very ancient and powerful temple in India. Many devotees from all over Tamilnadu and India, visit this temple every day. Thousands of crowds will be in this temple at the time of the Brahmotsavam and special event. See below for the Jambukeswarar Temple Benefits History Darshan Timings and Details.

Ambika once did what Shiva told her to do, so she had to be born as a human woman in the world. Shakti Devi used to worship that Eesan when she was a woman in Bhuloka. She did this by making a lingam in the Cauvery water. Through that lingam, Shiva spoke to Ambika. Since Goddess Shakti made a lingam out of water in this temple, it is still the most watery of the five Panchabhuta Talams. The Ambal in the form of Shiva is another unique thing about this temple. The Shivanem in the form of Ambal is shown in the Brahma Utsavam. There is a story behind this from the past.

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Jambukeswarar Temple Benefits History Darshan Timings and History:

Once, Brahma wanted to find the woman he’d made. Brahman got ‘sthri dosha’ because of this. Brahma did meditation and thought of Shiva in order to get rid of this dosha. Lord Shiva left Kailayam to get rid of the bad things that Brahman had done. Ambika, who was there at the time, said, “I’ll come, too.” Shiva said to Ambikai, “Brahma is crazy about women.” He told me that you shouldn’t come with me. But, as usual, Ambikai didn’t listen to Shiva’s words. “If you say that, Ambikai, I will come with you for sure.” Ambikai told Shiva, “I’m going to come as you. She told him, “Put on a sari and play my part.”

Shiva also agreed to this and went to ‘Shiva’s form of Shakti and Shaktyana’s form of Shiva’. This Thiruvilayadal was done to prove that Shiva and Shakti are the same things. Then Shiva and Shakti asked Brahman to forgive them. Even today, during the Brahmotsavam that is held in this temple, both Shiva and Ambal dress up as someone else and go up to Brahma to meet him. No drums would have been played at this event because the ritual of meditating on Brahma and Shiva would have been quiet.

Jambukeswarar Temple Benefits History Darshan Timings:

This temple history is a great story, A wise man named Jambu prayed to Lord Shiva and did penance at this site a long time ago. Lord Shiva gave him sight because of how hard he tried to change. Lord Shiva’s prasad was a new food that he gave to Sage Jambu. Wasn’t it the fruit that Shiva gave to the Sage Jambu? So, the wise man ate the whole fruit with its seeds. The seed he ate grew in his gut, and a tree grew above his head. His head blew up, and he was set free.

Jambu is another name for this tree. Under this tree is a Neer Lingam that Ambikai built. The history of Thala says that this Lord is called Jambukeswarar because he saved sage Jambu. The temple direction is 06 KM separating the Trichy Chatram Bus Stand from Thiruvanaikaval. Everyday temple opens and is available for darshan to devotees from 05.30 AM to 01.00 PM and in the Evening from 03.30 PM to 08.30 PM.

  • You can pray to Ambala and Jambukeswarar, who are seated in this temple, to bring back husbands and wives who have been split.
  • Unmarried Girls who worship the Ambal in this temple, might be blessed with good husbands Worshipping the Jambukeswarar in this temple will stop water shortages and Problems.
  • People who pray to lord Jambukeswarar in this temple will be blessed with good health and wealth.

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