Tirumala Swamy Pushkarini Open and Close Timings

Know more details about Tirumala Swamy Pushkarini Open and Close Timings, Sri Swamy pushkarini pooja information, and TTD Tirumala swamy pushkarini details.

The Pushkarini, which spans 1.5 acres, contains a mandapam in the center called “Neerata Mandapam” that was constructed in 1468 by Saluva King Narasimha Raya. Later, the steps leading to the middle of the mandapam were constructed by the saintly poet Tallapaka Annamacharya. The Swami Pushkarini is one of the three million or more holy thirthas that are thought to have existed in the Tirumala mountain range. Swami Pushkarini is Transported to Bhulokam by Garuda From Vaikuntam.

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According to legend, Swami Pushkarini was originally based in Vaikuntam, the home of Lord Vishnu, but was brought to earth by Garuda for use by His Master, who traveled to this location as Venkateswara Swamy during the Kaliyuga in search of His spouse Mahalakshmi. As per Purana, People who have a bath at Sri Swami Pushkarini give an equal result as sacred as bathing in the River Ganga.

Tirumala Swamy Pushkarini Open and Close Timings

Tirumala Sri Swamy Pushkarini Tank Opens at Early Morning 05:30 AM and Closes at Night 08:30 PM. TTD maintains special staff to keep Swamy Pushkarini clean daily.

Significance of Sri Swamy Pushkarini Harathi

According to Vaikhanasa Agama rites, Pushkarini is essential to Tirumala traditions and ceremonies. The pushkarini harathi or puja has been practiced since Sri Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara dynasty gave the order to start it, according to 12th-century inscriptions. The TTD has adopted the custom of offering harathi to the Pushkarini every day in the evening as a part of the resurrection of the traditions.

Recycling The Swamy Pushkarini By TTD:

A cutting-edge recycling facility uses science to clean the water at Swami Pushkarini. Since 1972, TTD has installed modern drains and filters in the Pushkarini. At regular periods, Pushkarini water is drained and replenished with traditions. Within the sanctified grounds of the Main Temple, Swami Pushkarini Pound is located. It is claimed that Lord Venkateswara himself bathed in this pond with his consorts, making it a place of the deepest veneration and sacred significance. This Pushkarini or Pond is compared to the powerful and equal to River Ganga in terms of holiness.


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