Tirumala Swamy Pushkarini Timings and Guide

Know the latest information about Tirumala Swamy Pushkarini Timings and Guide. Tirumala Swami Pushkarini open and Close Timings and more.

Sri Maha Vishnu owned pushkarini in Vaikuntam. Garuda sets Pushkarini on earth for Lord venkateswara. The twelfth of Dhanurmasam is when Mukkkoti Dwadashi occurs. On this day, over three crore theerthams merge into Swami Pushkarini which is also called as mukkoti of Pushkarini. This makes that day highly auspicious and devotees believe that taking a bath in Swami Pushkarini on that day is just like taking a bath in the holy river Ganges washing all their sins away. Every year, Teppotsavam is a wooden float festival of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in the month of February or March in Pushkarini. During the Annual Brahmotsavams, Avabhrudhasnanam and Chakrasnanam occur in Swamy Pushkarini.

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Tirumala Pushkarini Location :

Pushkarini has located 1 km from Tirumala Bus Station. The Pushkarini Lake is located next to Lord Venkateswara Temple. Devotees usually take a dip here before entering the temple premises. Sri Varaha Swamy Temple lies on the western side of Pushkarini and Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple lies on the southern side of Swamy Pushkarini. 

Tirumala Pushkarini Timings :

Swami Pushkarini is open 24 hours every day for the convenience of devotees who reach Tirumala. Devotees take a bath before entering the temple premises. Pushkarini is very well equipped with changing rooms. Some Pilgrims wait to take a bath in Brahma Muhurtham, the auspicious time of the day. Pilgrims are not allowed to dive into Pushkarini. Devotees are not allowed to use soaps, shampoos, and most importantly not to wash clothes on the premises of Swami Pushkarini.

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