Tulasi Vivah 2022 Date and Timings

See below for Tulasi Vivah 2022 Date and Timings, Uttana Dwadasi Tulasi Vivaha Timings, and Sri Krishna Tulasi Vivaha 2022 Date and Timings.

Tulasi vivaham is the story of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Sri Krishna’s marriage to the tulsi plant (holy basil). In Hindu mythology, tulsi is seen as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Because of this, the coming together of Gods and Goddesses is celebrated all over the country with a lot of pomp and show.

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Tulasi Vivah 2022 Date and Timings

  • Tulsi Vivah 2022 will be on Saturday, November 5, 2022.
  • Dwadashi tithi starts at 6:08 pm on November 4 and ends at 5:07 pm on November 5.

The ceremonies of Tulasi vivah:

  1. Lord Krishna and Tulsi’s wedding ceremony was a lot like a traditional Hindu wedding. The ceremonies take place in different temples, but anyone can easily do the Tulsi vivah at home.
  2. The person who wants to take part in the Tulsi vivah must fast until the evening when the real ceremonies start.
  3. Using the sugarcane stalks, an attractive mandap is built around the tulsi plant and decorated with colorful rangoli. The Tulsi plant is then beautifully dressed up like an Indian bride with a bright sari, earrings, and other jewelry.
  4. On the tulsi plant, vermillion powder and turmeric are also put on it. The Tulsi plant is decorated with a face drawn on paper and a nose ring and bindi.
  5. The groom is shown as a brass idol or a picture of the Hindu god Vishnu. The “Shaligram Stone,” which is a symbol of Lord Vishnu, is sometimes even used in the puja. Then, a dhoti is wrapped around the image of Lord Krishna or Vishnu.
  6. For this important event, a special vegetarian lunch is being made. Most people make puris, rice and dal, a red pumpkin vegetable, and a tasty sweet potato kheer. The food is then set aside for “bhog” after the wedding ceremonies are over.
  7. The ceremony itself will start in the evening. Before the wedding, both Lord Vishnu and Tulsi are given a bath and decorated with flowers as part of the vivaah ceremony. During the ceremony, they are tied together with a yellow thread.
  8. The Tulsi vivah ceremony can be done by a priest or by all the women in the house working together. Widows are the only women who can’t take part in the Tulsi vivah ceremony. Other women of any age can do the ritual.
  9. During the wedding ceremony, the mantras are chanted over and over again. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds are showered with rice that has been dyed red.
  10. After the puja, a tulsi aarti is sung. After the aarti is done, the cooked food and fruits are brought as “bhog.” The prasad is then shared with family members, friends, and other guests.
  11. When someone does the Tulsi vivah, they should also eat a Tulsi leaf, which is a sign that Goddess Tulsi has entered their body. The sweets called prasad are then given to everyone.


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