Virupaksha Temple Hampi VIP Darshan Timings Online Booking

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Located in the heart of Hampi lies the Sri Virupaksha Swami temple and its surrounding grounds. This temple honors Virupaksha, a manifestation of Shiva, and Pampa, a deity revered by the locals. Throughout the course of many centuries, from the 13th to the 17th, the temple was erected and enlarged. There are two Gopuras (towering gateways) in the temple’s layout. There is a mile of road that leads east from the temple’s entrance. A statue of Nandi may also be seen here.

Lord Shiva is honored in the Virupaksha Temple in Hampi. It’s around 350 kilometers (km) from Bangalore to Hampi. UNESCO has designated the South Indian town of Hampi, home to many ancient temples, as a World Heritage Site. There is a Shiva temple at Virupaksha. Lakkana Dandesha, a general serving under King Deva Raya II, was instrumental in the construction of this temple.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi VIP Darshan Timings Online Booking

At the holiest of holies, a shiva linga-shaped deity of Lord Virupaksha presides. Pampa, his spouse, is said to be Brahma’s daughter. Features of later Chalukyan architecture may be seen in the Bhuvaneswari temple inside the Virupaksha complex, such as ornate pillars, carved ceilings and doorways, and intricate relief work. At this temple, a shrine honours Vidyaranya, the spiritual founder of Vijayanagar. In addition, there is a Nandi figure with three heads.

Most visitors come to this temple during the yearly chariot festival in February or the wedding celebrations for Virupaksha and Pampa in December.

  • Rudrabhisheka Times are 06:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 06:30 PM.
  • Every day, devotees execute the ritual of Rudrabhisheka.
  • Males are required to wear white Panchas, Dhotis/Kurtas, and pyjamas.
  • Saree and blouse for women; Punjabi dress with dupatta: Chudidhar and dupatta; half saree

There was an abhisheka ceremony for the major god. At this time, the devotees may see the Pooja ceremony from chairs set up around the room. Tickets for the Abhisheka performance on the same day may be bought at the door. We regret that this Event is not bookable online.

Way To Hampi Temple:

  • From Hampi Bus Stand: 0.4 km
  • Hampi Bus Station, where our guests boarded One hour total time for the trip
  • You may take a taxi, drive yourself, rent a bike, or walk/trek to your destination.
  • Hours are 06 AM to 01 PM and 05 PM to 09 PM.

The most well-known and historically significant temple in Hampi, Sri Virupaksha, may be found in the western end of Hampi Bazaar, around 400 meters from Hampi Bus Stop. Located on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River, it is a component of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Group of Sites at Hampi.

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Virupaksha Temple Hampi VIP Darshan Timings Online Booking

Dedicated to Shiva, the Virupaksha Temple is widely considered to be among Karnataka’s holiest sites. Among the many crumbling structures nearby, this temple dedicated to Virupaksha, an avatar of Shiva, remains standing and is actively worshipped. The name “Pampapathi temple” refers to this building as well.

This is one of India’s oldest continuously operating temples, with its foundations dating back to the 7th century AD. The Vijayanagara rulers enlarged the modest shrine into the magnificent temple it is today, however the Chalukyan and Hoysala dynasties also contributed to the temple’s development.

If you’re planning a trip tatHampi, be sure to stop at the Virupaksha temple. The main temple has a modest gopura, a big porch, a magnificently carved mandapa, and the main sanctuary, which is housed inside a sandstone edifice that is 160 feet in height and has nine levels and faces Hampi Bazaar. Beautiful towers run the length of the tunnel within the walls.

The original construction of the main tower occurred in the early 15th century; Krishnadevaraya made renovations to it in the 16th. Moreover, Krishnadevaraya constructed a Ranga Mandapa in front of the shrine and decorated it with bas reliefs and paintings in the manner of Vijayanagar.

This piece depicts a number of Shiva’s incarnations as well as the ten incarnations of Vishnu. This is a lovely depic, a scion of the famous event from the Mahabharata in which Arjuna kills the fish so he may marry Draupadi. In addition, there is a painting showing Saint Vidyaranya, the city of Vijayanagar’s spiritual founder.

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