Vishnu Panchayatana Pooja Vidhanam

Vishnu Panchayatana Pooja Vidhanam

Panchayatana pooja is a system of worship of five deities. The five deities of worship are Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Lord Surya Bhagawan, and Goddess Durga Matha. Panchayathana Pooja was introduced by Adi Shankaracharya. This pooja vidhanam became popular in medieval India. Back in those days, people fought over the supremacy of the gods they believe in. There were people who argued that Lord Siva was superior to Lord Vishnu or both were inferior to Goddess Durga Matha. To eliminate this and increase Advaita bhavam in people, Panchayatana pooja was started. In Panchayatana Pooja the deity of the god whom the devotee worships is placed in the center surrounded by the other God’s deities. Vishnu Panchayatana Pooja Vidhanam and other pooja vidhanams is explained in this article.


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Akashasyadhipo Vishnuh Agneshchaiva Maheshwari |

Vayoh Suryah Kshiterishah Jivanasya Ganadhipah

The Panchayatana Pooja represents five elements

God Elements
Lord Vishnu Akasha (Space)
Goddess Durga Matha Vahni (Fire)
Lord Surya Bhagawan Vayu (Air)
Lord Siva Kshiti (Earth)
Lord Ganesha Jala (Water)


Positioning of deities in Vishnu Panchayatana Pooja:

Center              –          Lord Vishnu

North East     –          Lord Siva

South East      –          Lord Ganesha

South West    –          Lord Surya Bhagawan

North west    –          Goddess Durga Matha

The deities used are not made up of Pancha lohas or any other metals. But they are represented by natural stones found in different parts of India.

Deity River Place Stone
Lord Vishnu Gandaki Nepal Saligrama
Lord Siva Narmada Madhya Pradesh Bana Linga
Lord Ganesha Sonbhadra Sone, Bihar Red
Lord Surya Bhagawan Vallam Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu Crystal
Goddess Durga Matha Swarna Mukhi Andhra Pradesh Swarna Mukhi


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