2023 Holi Festival Holika Dahan Date and Timings Pooja

See below for the 2023 Holi Festival Holika Dahan Date and Timings Pooja, Holika Dahan Pooja Process, Holika Dahan Celebrations, and Puja Muhurta Timings here.

Holi is a widely celebrated festival in India. This is the festival of colors and Celebration with Colors. All age groups people participate in the celebrations of the Holi festival. Holi is a joyful festival for Kids. As per Indian Mythology, There are many facts and different stories about the Celebration. One is the tale of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad, and the other is the tale of Radha and Lord Krishna. The day before Holi, people light a bonfire to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. The bonfire commemorates the burning of Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika while attempting to assassinate Prahlad, also known as the Holika Dahan.

People engage in playing with colors the day after Holika Dahan in remembrance of Radha and Krishna’s love. When Lord Krishna questioned his complexion, Yashoda amusingly told Krishna to use colors to darken Radha’s skin tone to match that of Lord Krishna. People celebrate the festival of colors regardless of caste or gender to represent human harmony.

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2023 Holi Festival Holika Dahan Date and Timings Pooja

  • Holika Dahan on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – 6:16 PM to 8: 41 PM which lasts for 2 hours 25 minutes.
  • Bhadra Punchha – 12:43 AM to 02:01 AM
  • Bhadra Mukha – 02:01 AM to 04:11 AM
  • Holika Dahan during Pradosh without Udaya Vyapini Purnima
  • Purnima Tithi Begins – 04:17 PM on Mar 06, 2023
  • Purnima Tithi Ends – 06:09 PM on Mar 07, 2023

Holika Dahan Pooja Process

The best time to get Holika Dahan Muhurta is during Pradosh when Purnimasi Tithi is in effect and Bhadra is over. If Bhadra is present during Pradosh but ends before midnight, Holika Dahan should be performed after Bhadra. If Bhadra ends after midnight, only Holika Dahan should be performed in Bhadra, preferably during Bhadra Punchha. However, Bhadra Mukha should be avoided, and Holika Dahan should never be performed in Bhadra Mukha. This brings bad luck for the entire year, not just for individuals, but for the entire city and country.

The proper Muhurta selection for Holika Dahan is more crucial than it is for any other celebration. For other festivals, performing puja at the incorrect time will not result in puja benefits, but performing Holika Dahan at the incorrect time will result in pain and bad luck.

Between Pradosh and midnight, Bhadra Punchha is frequently unavailable. In such cases, Holika Dahan should be performed during Pradosh. When neither Pradosh nor Bhadra Punchha is available, Holika Dahan should be performed after Pradosh.

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