Sabarimala Temple Rooms Online Booking Check Availability

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Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple is the most famous temple of all the Sastha Temples in Kerala. Located on the hilltop named Sabarimala in the Pathanamthitta district, it is open to people irrespective of their caste, or religion. Sabarimala Temple is very unique on its own and one of the facts is that it is not open the whole year like other temples. It is only open on the first day of every Malayalam month and also on the days of Vishnu, Mandala Pooja, and Makaravilakku. Mandala Pooja begins in November and ends in January with Makara Jyothi. Evidently, the temple draws a huge crowd at that time.

Before traveling to Sabarimala, it is stated that pilgrims must practice celibacy for 41 days. To get to the temple, pilgrims travel both the less strenuous path from Pamba as well as the traditional forest ways.

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Sabarimala Temple Rooms Online Booking Check Availability

Sannidhanam rooms are available for pilgrims if booked in advance in the guest house of the Forest department and Kerala State Electricity Board.

  • Pilgrims should send a reservation request to the Accommodation special officer for advance booking.
  • In case of non-registration, Pilgrims can email temple authorities.
  • Accommodation status can be checked at the temple’s official website.
  • Devotees can book the accommodation in advance by following the below steps
  • The official website shows an option for signup for the devotees who don’t have an account.
  • Setting up an account with login credentials for booking accommodation is mandatory.
  • After logging in, the Room Reservation link should be clicked on the Home Page.
  • Click the “General” option for room reservations.
  • The room will be valid for use for a period of 12 hours from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • All the unoccupied rooms will be allotted to the general pool so pilgrims can reserve rooms as per their needs. It should be noted that the rooms should be booked at least a few days in advance.


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