2023 Krishnashtami Date Pooja Time Muhurtham Tithi

See below for the 2023 Krishnashtami Date Pooja Time Muhurtham Tithi, Janmashtami 2023 Date and Time, Gokulastami Pooja Timings, Abhishekam, And Arghya Pradana Details Here.

Sri Krishnashtami is the grand festival celebrated by the Hindus throughout the world. This is the birthday or Avatara Mahaotsava Day of Paramatma Lord Sri Krishna. This is the celebration day for all Sri Krishna Lovers and Followers. World wide Sri Krishna Devotees celebrate this day in a grand manner with a lot of Bhakti, and Devotion. It is the anniversary of Lord Krishna’s birth, who is considered to be one of the holiest gods in the Hindu religion. This cheerful celebration remembers the holy incarnation of Lord Krishna, who is considered to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

As such, it is of the utmost importance since it honors the divine incarnation of Lord Krishna. The festival of Janmashtami is not just a religious observance but also a celebration of love, wisdom, and righteousness, during which deep truths are communicated via the vibrant rituals and customs that are practiced. Let’s See below for the 2023 Krishnashtami Date Pooja Time Muhurtham Tithi and Timings below..

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2023 Krishnashtami Date Pooja Time Muhurtham Tithi:

Every year Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on the eighth day of Sravana Month (Indian Calander month). People will celebrate the Sri Krishna Jayanthi Mahotsava on the combination of Astami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra day falls together. Normally, Sri Krishnashtami falls in the month of August last week or September first week. This year also Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on the first week of September Month.

This Year Sri Krishnashtami Pooja Date is 6th September 2023 Wednesday to 7th September 2023 Thursday
Lord Krishna is said to have been born to his parents, Devaki and Vasudeva, on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. His parents were living in the city of Mathura at the time of his birth. The tyrannical king Kansa had Devaki and Vasudeva, Krishna’s parents, locked up in a jail cell when Krishna was born at midnight. Devaki’s brother, Kansa, was responsible for their imprisonment. It was foretold that Kansa’s death would be brought about by Devaki’s eighth child, and the prophecy came true.

Vasudeva discreetly brought infant Krishna over the Yamuna River to Gokul, where he was left in the care of Yashoda and Nanda, a couple who were cowherds. This was done to shelter baby Krishna from Kansa’s fury. This act, which is known as the divine exchange, is honored throughout the festival via the tradition of ‘Dahi Handi,’ in which young men imitate the mischievous infancy of Lord Krishna by forming human pyramids to smash a pot filled with butter.

2023 Krishnashtami Date Pooja Time Muhurtham Tithi and Pooja Celebrations:

The celebration of Krishna Janmashtami serves as a reminder of the deep lessons that Lord Krishna imparted, teachings that are still applicable in the modern world. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna gives his knowledge and counsel to Arjuna in the Hindu text known as the Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita chronicles both the life of Lord Krishna and his teachings.

  • Do wake up early in the morning on the festival day.
  • Clean the Pooja Room and Premises with Cowdung or Gopanchatham.
  • Do morning pooja of Sri Krishna on that day.
  • Chant Sri Krishna Ashtottarashatanamavali and Do Tulasi Archana in Morning.
  • Offer Some fruits such as Naivedhyam and Chant Sri Krishna Stotram.
  • Visit Sri Krishna Temple and have the darshan of Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Do fasting as much as possible on that day.
  • Doing Evening pooja is the most important part of Sri Krishna Janmashtami pooja.
  • Try to do pooja on the Chandrodaya kaala (which Means Moon rise time – nearly Midnight)
  • Do Abhishekam, Archana, Dhoop, Dheepa, Naivedhyam, and Harati to Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Offer Butter, Sweets, Milk, and Fruits as Naivedhyam to Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Do Arghya Pradana after pooja and Pray to Lord Sri Krishna for good Health and Wealth.

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