Dwaraka Tirupati Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking

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The Dwaraka Tirumala Temple is an ancient Hindu temple and a major pilgrimage destination in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Eluru, the district capital of the West Godavari region, is about 40 kilometers from the temple and is located nearby. 

This famous pilgrimage place is also known as Dwaraka Tirumala, after the saint who is credited with discovering the self-manifested idol of Lord Sri Venkateswara. At the point where the Krishna and Godavari rivers meet is where you’ll find this sacred site.

Dwaraka Tirupati Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking

There are several reasons why the Dwaraka Tirumala Temple is so important and significant, including the fact that it is the home of Lord Sri Venkateswara’s self-manifested idol and that this area is also known as Chinna Tirupati. Tens of thousands of devotees go to the Dwaraka Tirumala Temple each year to have the holy darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Dwaraka Tirumala Temple has several annual festivals, including Giripradakshina, Mukkoti/Vykunta Dwara Darsanam, Pavitrotsavams, Swamy vari Vysakha Masa Tiru Kalyanam, Samy Vari Aswayuja Masa Tiru Kalyanam, and Teppostavam. It is important for devotees to know when the Dwaraka Tirumala Temple opens and closes, as well as when the aarti, darshan, seva, and pooja rituals are held, to make the most of their darshan experience.

Dwaraka Tirupati Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking

Pilgrims also have the chance to make bookings in advance for their stays at MeeSeva facilities, which is another perk of the service. The availability of a wide range of payment methods, all of which can be accessed through the Internet, simplifies the process of carrying out financially risk-free transactions significantly. Dwaraka Tirumala will provide for all of your requirements in terms of housing that you have.

  • The temple administration charges each visitor a fixed booking fee.
  • Each room has a water heater, enough lighting, running water, and other conveniences.
  • Those travelers who want to stay the night have their pick between two separate dormitories, each of which may be rented out for Rs. 10 per night. 

Lord Venkateswara’s deity at Dwaraka Tirumala can only be seen up to the size of his bust, while the remainder of him is said to be resting on the ground below. Devasthanam’s online travel agency, MeeSeva, now lets you book lodgings in advance via the Internet. If you are a follower of MeeSeva, you may book a room via the following link: Local MeeSeva Nodes.

If you want to reach as near as possible to the Dwaraka Tirumala Temple, you should depart from the Bhimadole Railway Station. Cottages, Kalyana Mandapams, and Choultries are all available for devotees to reserve if they require a place to spend the night. During their time spent in the Sanctum Sanctorum, guests will enjoy the most educational and exciting spiritual experience of their whole lives.

  • Cottages, choultries, and Kalyanam mandapams are available for the comfort of the temple’s visitors. 
  • All of the rooms are equipped with both solar water heaters and the capacity to receive a constant supply of power. Also, for the convenience and accommodation of the devotees, they provide two dorm rooms for their use throughout their stay.
  • One is uphill near the bus stop, while the other is downhill; both charge Rs.10/- per person and provide storage space.

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