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The Chamundeswari Temple in Mysore

The Chamundeshwari Temple is a Hindu shrine honoring the goddess Chamundeshwari that can be found on the peak of the Chamundi Hills, in the Indian state of Karnataka, around 13 KM from the palace city of Mysuru. The tutelary deity Chamundeshwari, or the furious aspect of Shakti, was revered by the Maharaja of Mysuru for generations, hence the temple was named after her.

The people of Karnataka revere Chamundeshwari as their state Goddess and refer to her by the term Naada Devi. Around 3300 ft above sea level is where you’ll find it. It was on this very hill that the demonic king Mahishasura is said to have been killed by the goddess Durga.

Mysore Chamundeswari Temple Free Darshan Online Booking

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History of Mysore chamundeswari temple:

It is believed that the Hoysala Dynasty constructed the original temple in the 12th century, while the Vijayanagara Empire constructed the shrine’s tower sometime in the 17th century. In 1659, a thousand-step stairway was constructed to take visitors to the hill’s 3,000-foot peak. Several statues of Nandi may be found in the temple (the bull mount of Shiva). A short distance distant is a hill with 700 steps on which stands a massive granite Nandi, guarding a modest Shiva temple. Over 15 feet tall and 24 feet in length, this Nandi also sports a beautiful necklace of bells.

Celebrations at the Mysore Chamundeswari Temple:

Ashada Shukravara, Navaratri, and Ammanavara Vardhanthi are just a few of the well-known festivals celebrated at the temple. The Fridays throughout the month of Ashadha are especially blessed. On this special day, millions of worshippers flock to the temple. The festival of Chamundi Jayanti also takes place this month. On this day, devotees commemorate the day that the Maharaja of Mysore dedicated the goddess Utsava Moorti. There will be a procession of golden palanquins carrying the goddess’s idol across the temple grounds on this special day.

Navaratri is the biggest event observed in this region. Mysuru Dasara, known as Nada habba in Kannada, is Karnataka’s state celebration. As part of Navaratri celebrations, the idol is decked out in nine various ways, each representing one of the nine Navadurgas, or forms, of the goddess. Jewels donated by Maharajas are carried from the District Treasury of Mysuru to the temple on the seventh day of Navaratri, which is dedicated to the goddess Kalaratri.


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