Kateel Temple Marriage Hall Cost Online Booking Procedure

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The Vaivaswatha manvanthara is in fact located in the first quarter of the twenty-eighth recurrence of the Yuga quarter at the Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple. A continuing drought is being experienced all throughout the planet. There is not a single drop of water to be found in any of the rivers, lakes, or wells. A barren aspect has been left in woodlands and gardens as a result of the death of plants and creepers as well as the destruction of trees. There was nothing to eat, and there was no water to drink. It seems like all living things, including people, animals, and birds, are undernourished and emaciated. Because there are so many dead bodies strewn around, it may seem as if the whole planet has been turned into a mortuary. The screams of those who are passing away may be heard everywhere.

Sage Jabali was completely immersed in him as he sat in a trance-like state within a cave in the secluded, verdant woodland next to the Amalaka Theertha (the lake of the emblic tree). He seemed to have been roused from his sleep by the hand of God. He emerged from himself and took a look at the millions of people who were hungry and dying of thirst. It would have been far too difficult for that kind of person to watch helplessly and do nothing. He made a pledge to do a Yajna in order to bring an end to the drought.

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Kateel Temple Marriage Hall Cost Online Booking Procedure

But in a region where there is a significant lack of water, how exactly does one go about doing a Yajna? A sacrifice that requires the use of a number of different components and accouterments? How can the necessary components be obtained in the most efficient manner? The wise man took a little pause before continuing. Then, by utilizing his yogic powers, he ascended to heaven in his light body and laid the earth’s story of misery at the feet of Indra, the performer of a hundred sacrifices, with the following pleading: “Lord, I have vowed to perform a sacrifice for the welfare of the earth and to eradicate the drought that is now ravaging it.” In this wasteland that the world has become, however, I do not believe that the sacrifice will bear any fruit for her.

History of Kateel Amma Temple

“Oh wise one, I am unable to prevent Kamadhenu from offering a sacrifice at Varunaloka since he has already left,” he said. It seems like I won’t be able to put in the request for her together with you at this time. Her daughter Nandini is here with us today. She inherited her mother’s endowments and is blessed by God in the same manner that her mother is. As long as she is willing, you are free to take her and carry out the sacrifice,” Indra instructed, nodding his head. Sage Jabali smiled as he said goodbye to Indra and embarked on the journey to Nandini’s home, content in the knowledge that his desire had been realized.

He went up to her while standing with his hands folded and said, “Blessed mother, the earth is in the grip of a burning drought.” Stomachs racked with hunger devour the meat of dogs and jackals, while dry tongues drink the tears that flow from their eyes to quench their thirst. There are no crops that can be grown without rain, and there are no lives that can be lived without crops.

According to the sacred texts, sacrificial offerings that are blessed with mantras make the gods joyful, which in turn causes them to shower the land with timely and copious showers.¬†As a consequence of this, I have taken an oath to perform a Yajna in the hope that it would end the drought and improve the state of the planet. On the other hand, the world’s current drought situation renders it impossible for it to provide the Yajna with essential resources.

You are the daughter of Kamadhenu, the one who can make any dream come true. The wise man said his prayer with the following words: “Magaminmous mother, please accompany me to the soil and bless the sacrifice with the appropriate ingredients.”

Kateel Temple Marriage Hall Cost Online Booking Procedure

  • The bridegroom can’t be younger than 18 however.
  • The prospective Bridegroom has to be at least 21 years old.
  • This is a strict Hindu temple that only performs arranged weddings.
  • The marriage booking fee at the temple desk is Rs. 801.
  • One hundred and fifty rupees for registration, and another hundred and fifty for garlands and the Purohit.
  • Both sets of parents of the bride and groom must be present during the ceremony.
  • Copies of the couple’s Aadhar cards, secondary school transcripts, and two passport-sized pictures.
  • Both the bride and groom must provide a no-marital status certificate issued by a member of the local ward council.
  • Photographic evidence of the parents’ identities, such as Aadhar cards or other government-issued identification, is necessary for the wedding registration.
  • Garlands and Karimanis for the wedding ceremony are the responsibility of the wedding party.
  • The temple’s interior may only be used for wedding ceremonies; outside food and decorations are not permitted.
  • Booking 7-60 days in advance is recommended for registration.
  • Any reservations must be made at least one month in advance.
  • A Marriage Hall next to the temple may be used for before and post-wedding ceremonies.
  • The administration of the temple will issue a letter that may be used to register the marriage legally.

Kateel Temple Marriage Contact Number:

  • This is the Temple’s official Number to book the darshan and all other essentials 08904905361
  • Kateel Temple is the Durga Parameswari temple, Temple Authorities allow devotees to book the darshan and Marriages online
  • If Online Booking is Not Available, Devotees can contact Temple Authorities by the mentioned phone number.

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