Kedarnath Temple Darshan Live Telecast online

Check below for Kedarnath Temple Darshan Live Telecast online, Sri Kedhareswara Aarthi LIVE today, Kedarnath Pooja LIVE Darshan here.

Kedarnath Temple Darshan Live Telecast online

Kedarnath temple is found in the Himalaya Mountains and one of the most popular devotional point in Char Dham. The temple is open for 6 months during a year throughout the summer. Because the temple is found within the mountains of the Himalayas, the temperature and also the snow is going to be excessive amount of within the temple. this can be the explanation for the reason the remaining months or winter months are going to be covered by the snow and can be fully inaccessible for the pilgrims

During the other month or throughout the summer and monsoon months the snow is going to be lesser within the Himalayas Mountains and therefore the Darshan of the Kedarnath is going to be easier for the pilgrims. So, the govt of India will permit the pilgrims to do the Darshan of Kedarnath in these months. The pilgrims will book for the Darshan and may go the Kedarnath for the Darshan

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Sri Kedarnath Temple LIVE Darshan

For the pilgrims who are unable to own the Darshan by going in person to the Kedarnath temple, the pilgrims will read the temple and additionally the Lord through the web telecast. The temple authorities have taken an initiation to make sure the pilgrims who will not come to the Kedarnath temple can read and have Darshan of the Lord Kedarnath online through the camera. The camera is fitted within the temple of the Kedarnath and therefore the live feed is telecast throughout the day throughout the gap of the temple of the Kedarnath. The pilgrims can view the Darshana and all the different seva finished by Lord Shiva within the form of Kedarnath. The feed is available throughout the daytime only and during the opening hours of the temple. hence the feed is not to be had when the temple is not operational

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