Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha

Know The Complete Details About Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha, Meaning, What Are The Remedies, And Effects Of Manglik Dosha

Because of the deletion of the schwa in its name, the Hindu concept known as Mangala Dosha is most often referred to as Mangal Dosh. A person who, according to Hindu astrology, was born when Mars (Mangala) was exerting its influence is said to have “mangala dosha,” which literally translates to “mars flaw,” and such a person is referred to as a Mangalika (or Manglik). The idea holds that a marriage between a Manglik and a person who is not a Manglik would always end in tragedy.

Those who subscribe to this school of thought think that being married to a Mangalik would hasten the death of their non-manglik partner. Marriage to a plant (such as a banana or peepal), an animal, or an inanimate item may be performed on the individual in order to avert the impending catastrophe.

Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha

When a person is born, they are given a birth chart that is completely unique to them. Personality and fortune are two aspects that differ from one individual to the next, in addition to the natal chart. Many people’s horoscopes are affected by the phenomenon known as Manglik Dosha, which is also referred to as Angarak Dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Bhumi Dosha among other names.
The most common area of a person’s life that is negatively impacted by Mangal Dosha is the area of their marriage, namely the difficulties in finding the ideal spouse. The result of having a Manglik dosha causes a person to have a significant risk of being estranged from their life partner

Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha for Marriages

  • Manglik Dosha Effect On Marriage

Mars, also known as Kuja, is the only planet capable of producing mangal dosha. It is possible for a person to be afflicted by the Kuja Dosha if the planet Mars is connected to certain houses in their horoscope or if it is having a destructive impact on their life. The greatest detrimental impact that Kuja Dosha may have is on marriage and the life that follows it. Its impacts include things like impediments in marriage, discord in marital life, and so on.

  • Manglik Features In A Person

Those that identify as Manglik have a disposition that tends to be very courteous, a powerful personality, and a passion for upholding discipline in all aspects of their lives. Because of their fiery temperament, they have a laser-like concentration on their life and profession, and they never waver in their commitment to achieving the goals they set for themselves. They are a person that exudes really good and strong vibrations, and they have very appealing personalities to go along with those vibes. Because of this, Manglik individuals are only capable of coping with the dominant personality of their spouse.

The Following Are The Effects Of Manglik Dosha

  • When Mars is located in the first house, it signifies that the home of the spouse is being influenced by Mars. As a result, it often has an impact on marital life, which might result in needless confrontations. Moreover, it may result in physical assault and violent behavior. Because of their inexcusable conduct, such a person may find themselves in a state of tension, discomfort, or even separation or divorce.
  • When Mars is located in the second house, a person’s relationships within their family are influenced. Marital life and working life are both negatively impacted as a result of it.
  • When Mars is in the fourth house, there will be negative repercussions in one’s professional life as a result of this placement. Someone in this situation will often change employment, and they will also struggle professionally. There will always be the threat of financial difficulties.
  • When Mars occupies the seventh house, the native in question will have an excessive amount of energy and will have a short fuse, which will prevent them from being able to maintain amicable relationships with members of their own family. Also, this individual will be very dominant and dictatorial over his or her partner, and he or she may also have a large number of partners.

Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha

Here are some of the remedies for Manglik Dosha

  • Marriage between two members of the Manglik community

If all parties involved are Mangliks, then this dosha is said to be balanced. All of its negative consequences are nullified, and the couple is free to enjoy a joyful and happy married life together.

  • Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah is a ceremony that may be performed to mitigate the harmful effects of Mangal dosha in a marriage if one of the partners is Manglik. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, a Manglik individual is required to marry either a banana tree, a peepal tree, or a silver or golden statue of Lord Vishnu. This is done in order to purge their Manglik qualities.

  • Position of Mars in the astrological chart

The Mangal Dosha, according to some astrologers, is rendered ineffective when the first house in a person’s horoscope chart is Aries (also known as Mesh), and Mars (also known as Mangal) is in this house. This is because Mars is located in Aries, which is its own house.

This Is The Complete Details About Manglik Dosha Meaning Effects Remedies How To Remove Dosha

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