Navratri Durga Homam Puja Samagri List

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Hindus all across the world celebrate Navratri, an auspicious nine-day festival, with great enthusiasm and brightness. The celebration, which honors Durga matha, the goddess’s warrior, symbolizes the success of good over evil.  Durga matha, an avatar of Parvati as a warrior, represents the coming of prosperity and peace. Navratri is a Sanskrit term that, as the name suggests, literally translates to “nine nights. One of the Durga goddess’s nine forms is honored on each of these nine nights. People who sincerely worship the Goddess during Navratri think that she will grant their wishes and fulfill their dreams.

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Navratri Durga Homam Puja Samagri List

To welcome Durga matha, worshippers decorate their Kalasham with coconut and mango leaves on the first day of Navratri. This is known as Kalash Sthapana or Ghatasthapana. You’ll need the following Puja Samagri for this Kalash:

  1. a plate of brass, bronze, copper, or silver.
  2. One entire coconut, mango, betel leaves,
  3. akhshat haldi, kumkum, and chandan,
  4. as well as cash or notes.
  5. Flowers
  6. a clean plate
  7. Brown mud or clay
  8. Dhanya Nav (nine different grains)

Following the Kalash sthapana is the Navarati Durga puja, for which you will require:

  1. The image of the idol of Durga Matha
  • a red color piece of fabric
  • Shringar (enhances the beauty of a woman) offerings to Durga Devi include sindoor, bindis, bangles, jewelry, saree, and others.
  • To deepam, use ghee or oil Abhijit Jyoti
  • a lamp made of silver or brass
  • Gangajal\sAgarbatti
  • A chowki (mandapam or table used to display the Mother Goddess’s statue or picture frame)
  • Agarbatti (incense sticks)
  • brown raw coconut
  • Akshat\sKapur
  • presenting the Goddess with sweets, flowers, and fruits
  • Red or yellow betel nuts (Vakka) with the sacred thread
  • barley seeds in dark or clay soil

Perform Durga Pooja and Havan:

Barley seeds should be placed in a container with some soil. Sprinkle little water on it before applying kumkum or haldi to make a swastika sign on the vessel or plate. Now fill the jar with water and fasten a crimson red or yellow sacred thread to it. Add the cash, flowers, perfume, and betel nuts now.




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