Palani Dandayudhapani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Online

See below for the Palani Dandayudhapani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Online, Murugan Temple Donation Procedure, Benefits, and Online Services details here.

Palani’s patron god is referred to as Dandayudhapani Swami, the Lord with the Staff in his Hand. The god here is composed of Navabashana, a mixture of nine minerals. The god is standing and holding a baton in hand. He exudes the appearance of someone who has given up all worldly ostentation. The emblem is distinctive throughout the world. Siddha Bhogar combined nine deadly chemicals to create navapashana. Lord Murugan of Kurinji Land is the god of Beautiful and Youth, and the word “Murugan” means “beauty.”

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Palani Dandayudhapani Murugan Temple Donation Schemes Online

  • According to the Tamil Nadu government’s directives, Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thirukkoil performs Annadhanam every day at noon for 200 worshippers. Contact the joint commissioner/executive officer, Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thirukkoil, Palani, if you would like to donate annadhanam. 200 devotees will receive annadhanam each day if a devotee pays Rs. 2500 to this program.
  • The money will be obtained as a donation from the donors, and it will only be used by devotees. Therefore, interested donors must give Rs. 25,000. Additionally, the specified sum will be deposited in a bank, and the kattalai will be carried out throughout the duration of one’s life using the interest.
  • Those who are interested in participating in this program should contribute a total of Rs. 27500 (Rs 25000 + Rs 2500 for first-year expenditures). On Memorial Day, the anniversary of their parents’ passing, a wedding, or a child’s birthday, they can offer Annadanam. The devotees can make the donation either online or offline at the temple counter. The devotees who donate money will be eligible for certain types of benefits which are mentioned below.
Donation Scheme
1 Sundal Kattalai Rs.500 Devotees will be distributed Sundal Prasadam at the time of Sarayakshai Once a year.
2 Archanai Prasadam Rs.1000 The amount will be used for pooja and Prasadam will be sent to the devotees
2 Panjamritha Kattalai Rs.1500 Devotees will be sent Prasadam after the amount is used for Panchamritha Abhishekam
4 Thanga Mayil Vagana Purapattu Kattalai Rs.10000 The amount will be used for Purapadu once a year according to the devotee’s wish.
5 Vila Pooja Kattalai Sirukalasanthi kattalai

Kalasanthi kattalai

Uchikala Kattalai

Sayarakshai Kattalai

Rakkalam Kattalai


Rs.5000 for every Kattalai On Kiruthigai, Panguni Uthiram, Thai Poosam, and New Year’s Day, there will be a charge of Rs. 50 for the Kattalais. Regarding this, according to the donor’s convenience day, the amount will be deducted for the Kala Pooja, and they will be honored and given prasadam.
6 Golden Chariot Purappadu Kattalai Rs.20000 The donor will be honored and given prasadam if they contribute a certain amount, and the interest on that amount will be taken for “One Day Purappadu.”
7 Laddu Purappadu Prasadam Rs.50000 The amount invested by the donor will be used for giving 10000 laddus to the pilgrims during Sayarakshi.
8 Uchikala Prasasha Kattalai Rs.10000 The amount will be used to Prasdam to the devotees after Uchikala Pooja
9 Arulmigu Shanmugarukku Shanmugarchanai Prasadam Rs.7500 The donated amount will be used for Palani Murugan Pooja at the hill temple. Donors will be honored and Prasdam will be distributed.
10 Uchikala Annathan Kattalai Rs.25000 For Donors, Kattalai will be performed life long and Anndanam will be given on Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any other day as per the donor’s requirement.



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