Puri Jagannath Temple Prasad Online Booking

See below for Puri Jagannath Temple Prasad Online Booking Procedure, Shree Puri Jagannath Swamy Maha Prasadam Online Booking Process, and Cost details.

Mahaprasad is offered to the deities of Lord Jagannath temple. Every day, fifty-six types of items are made all year long. Everyone takes utmost care while preparing these dishes as they cannot be made with certain vegetables. Items must be cooked with rice, deals, and some list of preferred vegetables only.

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In Odia Language, Maha means Great and Prasad means the food that has been given to the deities. Mahaprasad must be cooked through firewood mode using only earthen pots in the temple kitchen. Pilgrims can only have the prasad by sitting on the floor eating out of a Banana leaf.

Mahaprasad plays a vital role in creating a bond between people of different castes. This sacred food can be shared with people of all types irrespective of caste. The  Mahaprasad that has been offered to the deities in the Lord Jagannath Temple is placed for auction in the nearby place called Anand Bazar, which is located outside of the temple. Thousands of pilgrims buy and have several varieties of food every day.

Puri Jagannath Temple  prasad Online Booking:

There are some ways to book prasadam online. Pilgrims can book special poojas that are offered to Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra Devi. After offering these poojas, Prasdam will be delivered directly to the homes of the pilgrims. Some of those services are :

  1. Booking for Offering a puja at Rs. 501 – The priests at the temple offer pooja by gathering the pilgrim’s name and gotra in Lord Jagannath Temple. Pilgrims receive Dry Prasad and Maha Prasad worth 300 gms delivered to their house.
  2. Booking for Offering a puja at Rs.1,001 – Priests perform pooja by chanting the pilgrim’s Name and Gotra in the temple. After the pooja, PIlgrims receive Special Maha Prasad, Dry Prasad worth 650 Gms delivered to their homes.
  3. Booking for Offering a puja at Rs.2,001 – Puja and bhos are performed under the Pilgrims’ name and gotra by the priests in the Lord Jagannath Temple. Later, pilgrims receive Special Maha Prasad, Dry Prasad consisting of cashew nuts and dry fruits along with pooja sweets delivered to their homes.


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