Puri Jagannath Temple Lord Krishna Heart Story

Know the details about Puri Jagannath Temple Lord Krishna Heart Story, where Sri Krishna’s Heart is Located, and Lord Krishna’s heart Story related to Puri Jagannath temple.

Puri’s Jagannath Temple is one of the most remarkable structures in existence. The events surrounding it are beyond human comprehension. If you grasp the story, the notion of life and the existence of God will float around in your head in an amazing way!

Puri Jagannath Temple Lord Krishna Heart Story

Many stories surround the origins of the Jagannath idol. One story comes from Sarala Dasa, an Odia poet who penned his version of the Mahabharata in the 15th century. He imagines Krishna’s death in it. Krishna dies in a rather harmless manner. Jara, a hunter, sees Krishna’s foot sticking out from behind a tree and, mistaking it for deer ears, discharges an arrow and kills Krishna.

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Arjuna, distraught, approaches and attempts to cremate his comrade. Krishna’s heart, however, does not burn. A celestial voice resonates from the heavens, as it always does. It instructs Arjuna to cast Krishna’s heart into the sea while chained to a wood. This log floats all the way around from the west coast of Dwarka to the east shore, where Puri is located, over ages.

King Indradimna, the monarch of Puri, had a dream one night thousands of years ago, when Man and God walked the earth together. His dream was strange, and he envisioned himself walking down Puri’s beach and seeing something extraordinary. He awoke with a jolt to find himself still in his bed. The king went to the beach right away and discovered a floating wood. He took it and went down to his palace. He was perplexed when Lord Vishwakarma, the Architect God, appeared in the form of an eighty-year-old man. “This log has the heart of the great Lord Krishna,” he continued.

How did King Indradimna get his hands on Lord Krishana’s Heart?

King Indradimna was the fortunate recipient of Lord Krishna’s heart. He subsequently followed King Vishwakarma’s orders. He stipulated that he would require his own cell in which he would work nonstop for 21 days without food or water. He ordered that no one enter the chamber before the 21-day period was up. The King followed orders. Vishwakarma was granted a chamber, while guards stood outside the closed doors.

The sound of the hammer was no longer heard from the chamber after only 14 days, according to the guards. The King scolded the soldiers and asked them to respect Vishwakarma’s demands. No one should open the chamber before 21 days have passed. But the queen became concerned. She begged the king to open the chamber doors because she suspected Vishwakarma was dead. As they broke it open, a frustrated Vishwakarma told the King and Queen that he would no longer continue with his job because they could not meet his demands. He vanished with these remarks. As a result, the idols remained unfinished.

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