Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple Daily Pooja Seva List Online Booking

See below for the Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple Daily Pooja Seva List Online Booking, Vellore Narayani Amman Golden Temple Daily Pooja List, Seva List, Location, and Online Booking Process Here.

Sripuram Golden Temple is the 2nd Golden Temple in India, Also the one and Only Golden Temple in South India. This Famous Temple is Located in the town of Vellore in the Tamil Nadu State. People from Tamilnadu and all other South Indian States come every day to have the darshan of Goddesses Sri Maha Lakshmi. Lakhs of people from all over India Visit this temple to have the darshan and blessing of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi in this Temple.

This Temple makes the temple a stunning sight. It is one of the greatest religious temples in the world because of its expansive size and the fact that it encompasses more than 55,000 square feet of space. The temple is available to tourists all throughout the year; nevertheless, in order to make the most of your trip, it is essential that you be familiar with the temple’s operating hours and the daily pooja schedule.

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Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple Daily Pooja Seva List Online Booking

Visitors are welcome to tour the Vellore Golden Temple from the hours of 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day since the temple grounds are accessible to the public during these times. However, darshan can only be performed at the temple’s main shrine between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. The following is a schedule of the different poojas and rituals that will be performed throughout the day, along with the times at which devotees are welcome to join in.

Every day, there might be a special pooja and seva offers in this Temple without fail. Also, Devotees from different locations visit this temple daily to have the darshan of Sri Maha Lakshmi. This is a very famous temple because of its architecture. The complete Temple’s outer part and Inner Parts are covered with Pure Gold. This attracts the Devotees and Tourists very much to have the repeated darshan of this temple.

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Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple Daily Pooja Seva List Online Booking

  • Suprabhatam: The first pooja of the day is the Suprabhatam pooja, which is performed at the temple at four in the morning. The purpose of this pooja is to reawaken the god, and it consists of singing hymns and other sacred songs in a beautiful manner.
  • Abhishekam: The Abhishekam is a sacred ceremony that is performed at 6:00 AM and includes the washing of the god with different holy substances like as milk, honey, and turmeric. This ritual is considered to be very important. The Abhishekam is an important ceremony that represents the cleansing of the soul. It is performed after performing other rituals.
  • Sahasranama Archana: The Sahasranama Archana is a recitation of the 1000 names of the god. It is performed at 7:00 in the morning and lasts for three hours. The recitation is accompanied by gifts of flowers and other sacred objects at certain points during the process.
  • Uchikala Pooja: The Uchikala Pooja is a ceremony that is devoted to providing food to the god. This ritual is performed around noon, and it is known as the Uchikala Pooja. Following that, the food is given out to various devotees as prasad.
  • Sayaraksha Pooja: The Sayaraksha Pooja is a ritual that is devoted to asking the deity’s blessings for protection throughout the night. This ritual is performed around 6:00 PM, and it is dedicated to requesting the deity’s blessings.
  • Palliarai Pooja: The Palliarai Pooja is the last pooja of the day and is performed at 8:00 PM. It is considered to be the most important of all the poojas. Before the god or goddess goes to sleep for the night, participants in the ritual offer prayers to them.

Poojas are performed at the temple on a regular basis, but in addition to that, the temple also performs additional Poojas on joyous occasions such as festivals and other significant events. The priests of the temple also lead individualized poojas for those devotees who prefer to pray for particular blessings, such as those related to their health, fortune, or achievements in life.

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