Srisailam Temple Accommodation Online Room Booking

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The spiritual importance of the Srisaila Mahakshetram:

Srisaila Mahakshetram is also called Kailasa on earth, which is the holiest Hindu temple in the world. According to legend and history, paying a visit to Srisailam is tantamount to worshipping every deity in the known cosmos.

When Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva where in the universe he would most like to go, apart from Kailasa, he chose Srisailam, the holy land where the Avatar of the Sri Chakra resides amongst picturesque natural surroundings. Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba are manifestations of Shiva and Shakti who appear here to bestow blessings on all the worshippers. The Puranas attest to Srisailam’s historic importance. The Mallikarjuna Swamy Lingam is the second of the twelve Jyotirlingas, while the Sri Bhramaramba Devi shrine is the sixth of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peethas. Srisailam is so special that it is the only temple in the world to house two such images in the same building.

Srisailam has been frequented by many great figures throughout history, including Narasimhaswamy in the Satyayugam, Sri Rama and Sita Devi in the Tretayugam, the five Pandavas in the Dvaparayugam, and countless Yogis, Rishis, Munis, preachers, spiritual teachers, Kings, poets, and devotees in the Kalyug.

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Accommodation at Srisailam Temple:

In order to ensure that visitors to the Srisailam temple have a fulfilling and relaxing experience, the temple’s administration has provided all the necessary amenities. On Nallamala hill, guests can pick from a variety of choultries, Cottages, and guest homes offering everything from modest rooms to luxurious A/C Suits.

  • Guests can reserve one of a select number of rooms in advance using the hotel’s exclusive online booking service.
  • The main reception office is located next to Ganga Sadan and will distribute the remaining choultries and cottages.
  • Online bookings are accepted between 8:00 AM and 8:00 AM (24 hours a day). The deposit made upon arrival will be returned upon departure.
  • You can visit the Srisailam Temple anytime between 4:30 and 10:00.
  • Please be aware that online room reservations cannot be canceled or transferred to another guest. The money will be deposited into the temple’s bank account and is not refundable.

Srisailam Temple Accommodation Online Room Booking

  1. You can access the official Srisailam website with your username and password. Click HereĀ 
  2. Select Your Preferred Accommodation
  3. Decide on the check-in date and room configuration for your stay.
  4. The total number of available rooms will then be displayed.
  5. Pick your desired arrival date to view the room rates and availability.
  6. Pick your group size and number of days in advance.
  7. Select the number of nights and guests, and the total cost of your stay will be calculated automatically.
  8. Select Booking for Yourself if you intend to go with them. Select Booking for Others if you will not be joining them.
  9. To learn more about your fellow travelers, please enter their details below.
  10. Just double-check the data and hit the next button after you’re satisfied.
  11. Among debit cards, credit cards, and UPI Choose one Payment method and complete the purchase.
  12. A PDF with the room’s details will be emailed to you after payment is received.
  13. When you go to the front desk, bring the printed copy with you.


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