Tirumala TTD panchangam 2023 ugadi Sobhakritu Buy Online

See below for the Tirumala TTD panchangam 2023 Ugadi Sobhakritu Buy Online, TTD Panchangam 2023 to 2024 PDF Free Download Here.

In a conventional Panchangam, the positions of the Sun, Moon, and other planets for each day of the year at a certain place (longitude, latitude), as well as the time of day, can be calculated (in 24-hour format IST). Users determine the remaining data by taking into account their relative distance from this given location and time.

The fundamental function of Hindu Panchangam is to establish the scheduling of several Hindu celebrations and auspicious occasions (election- Muhurta). Different Panchangam components, weekday-Tithi, weekday-constellation, and weekdays-Tithis-constellation combine to generate auspicious and unauspicious times in the Hindu electoral system (Yogas).

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Tirumala TTD panchangam 2023 ugadi Sobhakritu Buy Online

  • When selecting an auspicious event, it is critical to apply Panchanga Shuddhi (purified time). Positive transits, a cleaned ascendant, the absence of malicious yogas, a favorable Dasha (Hindu progression), the doer’s name, propitiations, mantra chanting, the location of the activity, societal conventions, omens, and breathing pattern are also considered.
  • Every year on Ugadi Day, the TTD issues the Panchangam for pilgrims. The year 2023 has been named Sobhakritu. Pilgrims can access the TTD panchangam online or as a PDF download on the TTD website. TTD panchangam is the most popular source for astrology and other spiritual needs. A big number of pilgrims will purchase the TTD panchangam each year. The Tirumala TTD in Panchangam is a nicely printed book that is available at most Tirumala temples as well as bookstores.
  • The Sobhakritu year for the Ugadi is 2023-2024. The year will be in effect between Ugadi 2023 and Ugadi 2024. As a result, the Tirumala panchangam is now available for the Sobhakritu year. Each year, the TTD Tirumala Panchangam will be available in two variations. One of the versions will be the PDF version available on the temple website. Publishing businesses provide the hardcopy edition, which is the alternative form.
  • Pilgrims should be informed that the TTD Panchangam is available in print form in Tirumala bookshops and publishing houses. Pilgrims have two alternatives for purchasing Panchangam: they can do it in person or on the TTD website. The panchangam will be available on the official website a few days before Ugadi.

TTD Panchangam 2023 document can be downloaded here:

  1. Navigate to the TTD board’s website.
  2. Scroll down to the “Latest Updates” section on the website’s home page.
  3. TTD Panchangam 2023 can be found under “Latest Updates.”
  4. To view the current year’s Panchangam in the proper format, click the “View” button.
  5. The Panchangam for 2023 can then be obtained from there.


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