Hinglaj Devi Temple History And Significance

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At the Shree Mandir in Puri, Mother Hingula is venerated in the form of the element of fire, agni. This takes place in the kitchen of Lord Jagannath. At a distance of 14 from Talcher, devotion is performed for the goddess Hingula. It is a common belief that one may do everything they set their mind to if they pray to or focus on the goddess Hingula. It is also believed that the Goddess bestows her sweet blessings on dishes that are cooked, causing them to taste better. See below to get the details about Hinglaj Devi Temple History And Significance

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Hinglaj Devi Temple History And Significance

Once upon a time, Lord Shiva’s father-in-law, Dakhya, was in charge of preparing a ritual of sacrifice called a yagnya. He had sent invitations to a great number of gods, goddesses, monarchs of renown, saints, and wise men to take part in the celebration. Nevertheless, he did not bother to invite his daughter Parvati (also known as Sati), nor did he invite his son-in-law Siva.

After she learned that Yagnya would soon be celebrated, she requested Lord Siva to let her return to her father’s house. Siva, on the other hand, refused the claim on the basis that she had not been invited.

Despite her husband’s denial, Parvati went through with attending the Yagnya. At the location of the event, people made fun of her since she had married a guy who lived in a cemetery while naked. As Parvati was unable to endure the disgrace that was brought upon her adored husband, she committed suicide by throwing herself into the flames of the Yagnya.

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Hinglaj Devi Temple History And Significance

When Siva heard this news, he became furious and hurried out of Prajapati’s palace in a hurry. He dragged the corpse of Parvati out of the fire, where it had been partially consumed by the flames, and then he prepared to wipe out everyone there and end all of existence.

When Lord Vishnu arrived at the location, he observed that the dead corpse of Parvati was adding fire to Siva’s rage. He then gave the command for his Chakra to destroy the body of Parvati.

The corpse was hacked into 51 pieces by the weapon. When one piece after another collapsed, Mother Goddess would always make an appearance, although under a different name each time. There are 51 incarnations of the Goddess, and one of them is called Goddess Hingula. At Talcher, here is where the legend of Goddess Hingula first emerged.

Hinglaj Devi Temple History And Significance

A fragment known as Brahmandreya crashed to the ground in what is now Baluchistan in Pakistan, which is also the location where Shakti first manifested in its blazing fire condition. Nala Raja, who ruled over the Vidarbha area in western India, became a devotee of Maa throughout the course of time. Maa was a goddess who lived in his domain.

In the town of Puri, when Raja made the decision to begin serving ‘anna prasad,’ Lord Jagannath answered his plea by requesting that Raja bring Hingula to run the kitchen.

As a consequence of this, Puri Raja traveled to Vidarbha and begged that he pray for Maa to arrive in Puri. In response to a request from Puri Raja, Nala Raja carried the Goddess in the shape of fire on his wrapper all the way to Gopalgarh, where he stopped for the night.

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