Melmaruvathur Temple Irumudi Online Booking Procedure Price

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As per Sanatana Dharma, Shaktheya is the type of sidhantha that explains Adiparashakti is the main source of the Universe. All this universe came out from the Matha Adi Parashakthi. The Main Energy Adi Parashakthi transforms into three parts called goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Parvathi. Who gets married to Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. Also, these three forms of goddess represent three things of the Universe, They are Aishwaryam, Vidhya, and Showryam.

All Shakthi devotees and Shaktheya followers follow the same siddhantha or Philosophy to pray or worship Matha Adi Parashakthi as the Supreme Power in The Universe. Melvathur Temple in Tamil Nadu is the wonderful temple of Goddess Sri Aadhi Parashakthi. Here, Ambal can only use two of his arms. Many Amman idols include either four or eight arms. Nonetheless, once Ambal takes on a human shape, he or she often sports a streamlined two-armed appearance.

Madurai Meenakshi Amman, it should be noted, has two hands as well. The goddess statue in the Adiparashakti temple only has two arms since Ambal also visited the shrine and offered darshan. The goddess, represented here by Swayambu, may be seen underneath the statue of Ambal. All genders are welcome to worship freely in this temple’s innermost chamber. A member of the Arsana sect was commissioned by Adiparashakti to construct this temple. This is why the temple welcomes people of all faiths and castes, earning it the name Siddhar Peedam. Not only is it not subject to any of the restrictions placed on temples by agama, but it also stands apart from all of them.

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Melmaruvathur Temple Irumudi Online Booking Procedure Price in Detail

Historical Context of Thala A neem tree and a locust tree inspired the construction of this shrine. A natural disasters brought down this neem tree many years ago. The tumor has disappeared. Ambal took the appearance of Swayambu and materialized underneath it. At the spot where the goddess first made her appearance, the temple Melmaruvathur Adiparashakti Amman Moolasthan now stands. After clearing the area where the Neem tree had fallen, Thiru Gopala Nayakar constructed a hut in the shape of Swayambu for the Goddess, whom he then offered lighted candles to honor.

After then, construction on the temple continued gradually. Construction of the temple began in 1977. From that moment on, worshippers at Siddhar Peedam have flocked there to seek the goddess’s favor. This temple was constructed on such a grand scale that all of the donations collected went directly toward its completion.

Melmaruvathur Temple Darshan Timings:

Temple opens at 03 AM Daily with Stotram and Songs of the Amman, Abhishekam, Alankaram, Archana Sevai will be done, After 05 PM Devotees will allows to have the darshan of Amman. Temple will be closed from 01 PM to 03 PM and Reopen at 03 PM and Available for Sarva Darshanam up to 08 PM. Temple Closed t 08 PM daily which opens again 03 AM next day.

While Swayambu has no physical form, Ambal does. In order to make Ambal more accessible to his worshippers, they beseeched him for the ability to set up an image of him. Ambal granted the wishes of her faithful followers and commanded the creation of an idol. The idol was built accordingly, and the goddess Ambal, who continues to reside there, is now bestowing her grace onto her worshippers.

Benefits visitors to this shrine are expected to fast and wear garlands. Female worshippers, in particular, seem to flock here. Those that dress in red are seen to be the most deserving. The Atharvana Bhatrakali Temple was built for the express purpose of rescuing those who had fallen prey to witchcraft. Route The Melmaruvathur Amman Temple may be found on the Trichy National Highway, 92 km  from Chennai.

Melmaruvathur Temple Irumudi Online Booking Procedure Price

  • Generally, Every Year Irumudi Dates will be between 05 December and 20 January. There will be No exact dates or Information about Irumudi.
  • Price for Irumudi and Irumudi Darshan: Rs 300
  • Tamil Nadu Government arranges Special trains on certain particular days that halts at Melmaruvathur for 1 minute.
  • Approximate waiting time for darshan would be: 04 to 05 hours
  • There are no age restrictions and limits for Irumudi seva in this temple
  • There is a difference between the old Temple Irumudi Seva and the new Malai irumudi. The cost would be between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000.
  • Women who are visiting the temple with Irumudi must wear a red saree and a blouse.
  • Men who are visiting this temple must visit with a Red dhoti with upper cloth
  • Devotees can visit the Temple’s official website to know further information about the Irumudi Details

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