Why is Dwaraka Tirumala famous?

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Why is Dwaraka Tirumala famous?

Dwaraka Tirumala is Lord Venkateshwara Temple and is very popular. This temple is located in the West Godavari District of Andhrapradesh and near Eluru Town. This Temple is Also Famous as Chinna Tirupati means Small Tirupati. This Venkateshwara Temple is as popular as Tirumala, for Hindus. Temple attracts Pilgrims from all over the World.

The Dwaraka Tirumala Name comes from the ancient saint called Dwaraka It Installed the Idol on the Temple with the power of the Supreme Being. Read the full Article to Know Why is Dwaraka Tirumala famous?

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History of Dwaraka Tirumala:

The Origins as per Vedas as early as the Kruta Yuga. In the Presence of Lord Rama.

Recent History indicates that Temple was BUilt in 1877 – 1902 by Dharma Appa Rao and precious Ornaments were offered by Rani Chinnamma Rao.

Why is Dwaraka Tirumala famous?

The route main to the historic shrine of Lord Venkateswara takes a serpentine pattern, indicating the presence of Lord Vishnu’s Sheshnaga. The primary shrine of the temple homes the Sanctum Sanctorum in which the Idol of Lord Vishnu is located. The picture right here is partly buried withinside the Earth with best the top element visible. The complete-length picture of the Lord stands at the back of the principal picture and is thought to have been positioned there with the aid of using Srimad Ramanuja. There also are numerous shrines committed to numerous Gods in the temple complex. Devotees pay obeisance to all of the deities and take the blessings of all of the Gods.

Festivals celebrated in Dwaraka Tirumala Temple:

All Hindu-related festivals are celebrated in Dwaraka Tirumala Temple. But the most Popular and grandly celebrated on this occasion, are Rama Navami, Krishna Jayanthi, and Janmashtami.

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