Mangalagiri Temple Accommodation Online Booking Procedure

Mangalagiri Temple Accommodation Online Booking Procedure

The Mangalagiri Temple is one of the famous temples belonging to Sri Panakala Narasimha Swamy. The temple is very famous for its tourist spot. Many of the pilgrims like to visit the temple, the Mangalagiri Temple is a holy place for the pilgrims as the name itself Mangala means Holy and the Giri means Hill. The temple is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this is one of the famous eight temples where Lord Vishnu stayed for the redemption of Humanity. Check below for Mangalagiri Temple Accommodation Online Booking Procedure.

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Mangalagiri Panakala Swamy Temple Accommodation

Mangalagiri Temple was controlled by many legends. The ancient king called Pariyatra and his son undertook the temple, and they developed the temple as one of the famous temples and a holy hill. The hill looks like a reclining elephant as we see it from the distance. In the 16th century, from the Vijayanagar dynasty built the Mukha Mantap, and the Mangalagiri Temple tower which is 153 feet high.

The Mangalagiri Temple has all types of transport facilities like roadways, railways, and as well as airways the pilgrims can travel based on their comfort if the pilgrims like to travel by bus the temple is 13 Km from the Vijayawada Bus station if the pilgrims like to travel in the train they have to reach the Guntur railway station and the temple is 21 Km from the Railway Station.

Many of the devotees used to offer the panakam through the mouth of the lord and only half of the panakam is accepted by the lord and the remaining will come out as prasadam for the devotees. The main interest about the temple is there are no ants even though devotees offer the Jaggery water or panakam.

The Mangalagiri Temple Accommodation has three types of room facilities like Ac Luxury, Ac super luxury, and the Non Ac luxury the cost of a Non Ac luxury room is 250 Rs, the Ac Luxury room is 600 Rs and the Ac super luxury room is 1500 Rs the rooms can be booked through online or offline.

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