2023 Shravan Month Start End Dates Festivals List Significance

See below for the 2023 Shravan Month Start End Dates Festivals List Significance, Shravan Month Pooja, Start Date, and End Dates, Festivals List, and Significance Here.

Shravan, which is also called Sawan, is a very important and lucky month in the Hindu calendar. It normally happens between July and August on the Gregorian calendar, during the rainy season. The Shravan month is expected to begin on July 23 and end on August 21 of that year. During this time, people all over India and the Hindu diaspora take part in religious ceremonies, celebrations, and other events to ask for benefits, do repentance, and show their love for the holy. Let’s see below for the 2023 Shravan Month Start End Dates Festivals List Significance.

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2023 Shravan Month Start End Dates Festivals List Significance:

Hindus put a lot of religious weight on the month of Shravan, and it is thought to be the greatest month for Lord Shiva, one of the most important gods in Hinduism. Hindu folklore says that during this month, the gods and goddesses are more open to prayers and gifts from their followers. People do different routines and spiritual practices to get god’s gifts and make their dreams come true.

Several old Hindu stories and myths have to do with what the month of Shravan means. One of the most famous stories is called “Samudra Manthan,” and it’s about how the gods and devils stirred up the vast ocean. During this stirring, a pot of poison (halahala) came out and threatened to destroy the world. Lord Shiva drank the poison, which turned his throat blue, to save the whole world. Because of this, people called him “Neelkanth,” which means “the one with a blue throat.”

The story of King Daksha’s daughter Sati, who burned herself in the sacrifice fire after her father insulted her husband, Lord Shiva, is another well-known story about Shravan. Lord Shiva was saddened by Sati’s death, so he did the Tandava, a heavenly dance of destruction that made the world a mess. In order to make him happy and bring back peace, the gods asked him to slow down and then go back to meditating during the month of Shravan. So, this month became a good time for followers to ask Lord Shiva for his gifts and forgiveness.

2023 Shravan Month Start End Dates Festivals List Significance and Details:

  • Mondays (Somvar): Each Monday of the Shravan month is important because it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This day is called Shravan Somvar. On these days, people who worship Shiva fast and go to Shiva shrines, where they say special prayers and give the Shiva Linga a traditional bath with milk, honey, and water.
  • Fasting: Many Hindus choose to fast during the month of Shravan, especially on Mondays and other important days like Shivratri. Some followers do a full fast where they don’t eat anything, while others do a partial fast where they only eat certain foods, milk, or light meals.
  • Kanwar Yatra is a major journey that takes place in the month of Shravan. During this time, people bring holy water (Ganga Jal) from the Ganges River to their local Shiva shrines in pitchers on their shoulders. Millions of followers from all over India do this Yatra as a sign of their love and repentance.
  • Raksha Bandhan is a holiday that is usually held in the month of Shravan. It is a celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters. A holy thread called rakhi is tied around the wrists of brothers by their sisters. In return, the brothers promise to protect their sisters.
  • Nag Panchami is another important event in the month of Shravan. On Nag Panchami, people honor snakes and the snake god, Nag Devta. People pray to snakes and give them milk in shrines and the areas around them.
  • Kajari Teej: Kajari Teej, which is also called Badi Teej, is celebrated during the month of Shravan. It is a very important holiday in North India. During this holiday, women sing traditional songs, put on mehndi (henna), and wear bright clothes.

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